Wednesday, October 2, 2013

100 List Challenge: Are You Challenging Me?

The Crying Traveler
"Hmph! Speak of the devil, here comes Red Eye."

Nakh frowned. He didn't mind Kyo not liking him, but calling him in that racial slur was a little out of line.

"Hey, Kyo. If you got something in your mind, just say it. Otherwise, stop calling me that."

"Oh yeah?" Kyo stood up, facing the giant. "Well, when will you ever get it into your thick skull that you're not welcomed here? You may have saved my brother's life, but that doesn't mean you can just barge in here thinking like you're one of us!"

"And what's it to you?" Nakh bellowed back, ignoring Kal's plea to stop. "You're just jealous because Kita likes me, don't you? You're just upset because you should've been there for him but instead it's me and Kita likes me for it."

"Are you challenging me?!"

"You started it."

Kalana and Kita had to struggle hard to hold them back before an all-out brawl happened.


Love of the Damned
Leon came into the living room with huge plastic bags containing bottles.

"Wassat?" Eli asked.

"I bought all these for a steal of a price. New Year Eve's offer," Leon replied as he took out the bottles, brandishing them one by one. "20% discount on all liquor and beer."

"Woah, far out!"

"If it's for New Year's Eve," Faira glanced at the clock, " I suppose a little alcohol is alright."

"I got a better idea to celebrate the countdown," Leon said, turning to Thilius, "I bet you can't finish all these bottles and not get drunk."

"Are you challenging me?" Thilius asked with a grin.

"What does it look like?" Leon grinned back as he handed him a bottle. "Don't worry. I bought more. They're still in the car, but I can't carry them using my powers without attracting attention. Eli, help me unload."

"Aye aye, cap'n!" Eli saluted and made run outside.

Faira sighed. This is one of those things that he really have no say in.



Nakh is a mountain giant and the racial slur for him is called Red Eye. They are at constant war for territory with the Blue Eye or land giants despite the fact that mountain altitude was not suitable for them (the land giants are just greedy and power-hungry), thus they are always given the reputation for others as being savage and wild.

Nakh gave up that nature long ago ever since he met Kal. In fact, he didn't like being a warlord. He hated it ever since he and his twin Nara was subjected to the ritual, but because of the reputation given by others, he couldn't escape the fact that people are not going to like him that easily.


Kyo especially didn't like him because of him being a ex-warlord. He was the first to protest when Kita suggested taking him in but since Kita's word was law, he had to abide with it, but that doesn't stop him from hating the giant. He had tried to dissuade Kiba from making friends with Elly, but Kiba was just as stubborn as his father.

Kyo's hate slowly dissipated when Nakh had rescued Kiba countless times whenever the little wolf lead the kids into his misadventures, and the final blow was when Kiba accidentally killed the evil Eagle Lord's favourite grandson which was an albino baby eagle and wanted to force Kiba to marry his son in order to bear him the grandson that he lost and Nakh fought him to the death. They were close friends ever since

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