Thursday, October 3, 2013

100 List Challenge: In the Storm

The Crying Traveler
"Looks like it's gonna rain."

Kalana looked up at the dark skies and nodded. He picked the last few strawberries before he turned towards Kita to see a pained look on the Wolf Prince's face and his body hunched over a little. Kal dropped his basket of strawberries and ran to him, giving him a worried questioning look.

"Something's wrong...Something's not...AAH!!!"

Rai, who was nearby just coming home from fishing with Kyo rushed to him at his cry.

"What's wrong? Are you alright?"

"My...My belly...It...It hurts...! Something's wrong...!! AAAH!!!"

Kal held Kita close, fearing the worse. Rai wanted to get up but was held down by Kal.

"I need to get a doctor for Kita! He needs help!"

Kal shook his head and pointed at the blood that seeped through Kita's pelt and stained both Kal's knees and the grass beneath them. Rai watched in horror as the truth sunk in.

"Kal~! What's wrong with me~?! It hurts so much~! Aaaah~!!! Make it stop! Please make it stop!!!"

"Ki-Ki," Rai whispered in his tears. "You're miscarrying. The babies are dying."

"W..Why...? Is it because of...what happened when I was Kal's clan that day...?"

"I can still call the midwife. Maybe it's not too late..."

"No, no, please don't leave me..." Kita whimpered, feeling the involuntary contractions pushing the dead babies down. "They're gone...They're gone... I can feel it...It's too late..."

Tears mixed with the falling rain as Kita wailed in agony in Rai and Kal's arms, mourning the death of Kita's quads.


Love of the Damned
Rain poured and lightning flashed and thunder cracked as Thilius, Faira and Leon looked for their hidden enemy.

"He's gotta be here somewhere," Leon said. "I can feel him."

"I do too," Thilius agreed. "But this bloody rain is hiding him."

"Looking for me, boys?"

The trio spun round to see Soreno materialize and dematerialize in front of them, holding the shining double swords.

"Face us like a man, you coward!" Thili shouted.

"You gonna have to catch me if you can."

This was going to be a long fight to the end.


In Nakh-Kal's scene, Kita was having a miscarriage, losing his quads. Due to the shock of Kal's miscarriage and the torture done on him by Kal's clan before the treaty was signed, it had traumatized the fetuses beyond repair and they were dying one by one until his body recognized it no longer alive and did what comes naturally to expel.

This one takes place after Kal lost his voice temporarily and a few months before "Words".

In Thilius/Faira scene, Soreno is a sort of fallen angel that was summoned by a radical priest to bring the ends of the world. He existed during the day the Lord called for the Big Flood for 40 days and 40 nights. Soreno took his job very seriously and was the only one who didn't really agree with the Lord sparing Noah, so he was cast down supposedly to Hell, but his aquatic nature resisted the fires of Hell and the Devil didn't want to have anything to do with him since he couldn't burn, so he became a fallen angel.

A priest who was radically religious and was disgusted by today's mankind came across Soreno when the fallen angel was lounging about in his church. They had a chat and a few drinks (thanks to Soreno's temptation) and soon the priest requested him to use his powers for another shot and removing mankind. So he did.

Thilius, Faira and Leon joined forces together to battle Soreno after a bible boy came running to Sister Terra for helping when he had accidentally eavesdropped on their plans. Sister Terra relayed the message to the guys and they had an all-out fight with Soreno, defeating him and sending him into oblivion

I really hope I don't get struck by lightning making my own philosophies and theories and stuff

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