Thursday, October 3, 2013

100 List Challenge: Safety First

The Crying Traveler
"You look after Elly and the twins well, alright?" Kita said as he passed by the boy while fixing his hair.

"Hai, Kita jii-san!" the wolf pup grinned.

"Now, you three be good boys," Kal said as he closed the door of the playpen, "and don't get Kiba into trouble, OK?"

The three babies cooed in reply.

"Just to be on the safe side," Kita said as he produced a scroll with a lot of writings on it. He spoke an incantation and stuck in on the door. "This will hold the door so that they can go in but can't come out. I'll teach the anti-spells to Kiba and he'll use it once it's time for their bath and bedtime."

"Good," Nakh said his approval. "Shall we go?"

Kita and Kal nodded, hoping that everything will be in good hands


Love of the Damned
"Time to go shopping~! Who's a happy baby?" Faira said as he put Damien on the baby seat.

"Nya~!" Damien squealed happily.

"Don't put that face, Trisha. I know you don't like this seat but it's for your own safety," Leon said as he fixed his little girl's ribbon.

"Nyu~!" Trisha pouted, knowing she was fighting a losing battle.

Yes, it's the daily life of the young 'mothers' with their kids.


Ain't they just the cutest things~! Of course, in Nakh-Kal's scene, Kiba accidentally got himself stuck in the playpen and out of panic, he forgotten the anti-spell Kita taught him and was stuck there until the rents came back from their Full Moon Festival.

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