Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: Magic

The Crying Traveler
"Can you show me...how my child will look like?"

The little girl shook her head at Kal's request.

"I cannot predict the future at my weakened state, but I can show how your child looks like now."

Kal nodded. Anything would do. He just wished that his child was alive and well in him without complications.

The girl held out her hands and something that looked like a swirling universe appeared in it. It grew and grew until finally a huge silhouette of a baby with a beating heart was shown.

"There's your child. Perfect with ten fingers and ten toes."

Kal just stared in awe.

"Wow...I really am pregnant..."


Love of the Damned
Faira came to the nursery to pick Damien and Trisha up. Leon couldn't make it because he had to attend a press conference about his new design. Damien and Trisha, at upon seeing Faira, ran to him happily, with the nanny following behind refusing to touch the children.

"Hey there, Damien, Trisha. You kids been good?" Faira asked as he carried the kids. The nanny approached him.

"Mr. Essex-Broadway. I'd like to suggest that you find another establishment to babysit you and Mr. Thames-Samson's children."

"Eh? Why?" Faira was surprised.

"There has been a sort of...accident," the brunette nanny said. "The children are afraid of them. A few parents who just so happen to be there are also urging us to do something about it. So please..."

"What exactly did Damien and Trisha do?"

"They levitated the toys as if it was the most normal thing to do," one blonde nanny replied outspokenly. "Do you know what will the parents think of us running this kind of circus establishment? Little children performing magic shows?"

"Oh well, you see," Faira got the idea and tried to make an excuse. "We actually used to be magicians in a traveling carnival, so most naturally our children..."

"I don't care if you're Harry Houdini himself!" the blonde shouted, ignoring her brunette colleague who is urging her to keep her voice down. "I will not let you ruin this nursery we've worked so hard building. Now please leave! Do not ever bring your children here! You are not welcomed!"

Faira sighed and walked to the car, carrying the kids and strap them on the infant safety chair at the back.

"Looks like you kids technically haven't been good."



The little girl Kal is talking to is Vivia, someone Nakh and Kal rescued from falling off a cliff. She has the gift of sight and basically can tell the past, present and future of a person, and each level would drain her energy accordingly, so a person like her must use this power sparingly.

Technically her people hung her there by the collar of her dress so that she would fall to her death because of her gift, due to the fact that in her culture, only boys are allowed to have the gift. A girl who has the gift, according to superstition, would bring the downfall of the village, so usually girls who are born with the gift are terminated.

Nakh and Kal were there when her collar threatened to break and Nakh caught her just in time. Vivia wished to follow them in their journey so as to search for a place where she can belong. She did, in a nice quaint village serving as a child medium.

It wasn't really a lie Faira was telling. Thilius and Faira used to be magicians, but instead of like amateur magician who used props, they used their powers, and that was real magic.

People can such stereotypical prejudice when they are faced with something they don't understand, can't they?

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