Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge; Kick in the Head

The Crying Traveler
"Ouch! What was that for?"

Nakh nursed his head that got kicked by Kal.

"Go away."

"What? Why, cherry?"

"I said go away. You stink. Don't come back until you get a decent shower."

"But...But I just showered last night."

"Well, it's not enough. You still smell like you've dunked yourself in manure. Go away."

"You better do as he says, Nakh," Luchille chuckled. "Pregnant people tend to have heightened sense of smell."

Nakh sighed and walked off, leaving Luchille and Kal to continue chatting amongst themselves. He wishes this pregnancy would be quickly over and done with.


Love of the Damned
"Open wide, Damien."

Damien screamed and flailed, not wanting to taste the minty antibiotic syrup Thilius is going to feed him.

"Come on, Damien, be a good boy," Fai pleaded. "You have a nasty rash. You must take your medicine to get rid of it."

"No, no, no, NO!!!"

As a last resort to keep his Daddy (and the dreaded medicine) away from him, he lashed out and kicked Thilius right smack on the forehead.


"This brat packs a mean kick," Thilius groaned. "But that's not going to get you anywhere, boy, now open wide."

The whole ordeal repeated itself again until the poor boy finally swallowed the medicine.



In Nakh-Kal scene, they are hiding out in another village in their journey to elope, and it's a sort of reptilian clan that lives near the river rocks. Luchille was their close friend, until she betrayed after she saw the reward money for their arrest and she needed the money to pay for her dowry to marry an aristocrat she was admiring (in this clan, it's usually the women who woos the men, not the other way round because of their matriach system).

It's true though. I've done research and says that besides mood swings, backache, swollen feet and whatnot, pregnancy may cause certain senses to be heightened, especially smell.

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