Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100 List Challenge: Playing the Melody

The Crying Traveler
"Hey, Kal. What are you doing here? What's with the outfit?"

Kal turned to Kita who came up to the waterfalls with a costume that he had never seen him wear before.

"Hey, Kita. Thought I'd carry out my mother's mission."

"Ah," Kita nodded in understanding. "It's that time of the year, eh?"

"Yup. You wanna join me?"

"I sure do," Kita smiled and brandished his flute. "I've been wanting to play this in a long time."

Soon, with Kita playing the melody, Kal started to sing.


Love of the Damned
Luke was at the couple's house, looking through their photo albums. Each album was labeled with the year, showing what Thili and Fai had been doing in the centuries. The one he was looking at was roughly during the year of musicians.

"Woah! Is that you guys here in a cathedral?"

"Yup," Fai said as he brought in the coffee. "We basically composed our own music and played at local stages and all that. It's sort of like a remix between Heaven and Hell's music."

"We were called the Ying and Yang by a Chinese ambassador who came to watch our show when we were performing for the Queen of England," Thilius continued. "We were quite a sensation. Almost equivalent to Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven during that timeline."

"You guys sure lead a wonderful life."


One of Kalana's role as a Prince is as a Songster, which he inherited from his Mundockian mother. A Songster has the power to heal souls and mend hearts, if not immediately, and also marks the coming of a new season. And this time, Kalana doesn't have to do it alone anymore.

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