Wednesday, October 2, 2013

100 List Challenge: Heal

The Crying Traveler
"What's wrong with your arm?!"

Kiba cringed at Elly's shout. Looks like his attempt to try and hide his wound didn't work out.

"It's my fault. There was a carriage passing by and I didn't manage to avoid it quick enough and...well, it bumped me a little and I got my arm scraped..."

Elly stared long and hard at him, but not as much as he was staring at the offending wound.

"H-Hey, it's alright. It's not like it harmed the baby or anything. See? I'm fine..."

"Come here."


"Come here. Hayaku."

Once Elly used that serious I-mean-it tone, he knew he meant business. Timidly, he came up to him and allowed Elly to pick him up and put him on his lap.

"Elly, what are you..."

"Shush, Kiba nii-chan."

Kiba watched as Elly closed his eyes and concentrated his hand on Kiba's arm. In a few moments, his hand glowed, sending a sort of warmth all over Kiba's arm and the wound gradually disappeared until it was fine and dandy, as if nothing happened.

"E...Elly, how did you...?"

"You're pregnant. You and the baby are very important to me. Be careful, OK?"


He will have to ask properly about that issue again later.


Love of the Damned
Faira breathlessly dragged Thilius to the abandoned paddy field and leaned him against the tree. As soon as Thili laid on the bark, Fai quickly lay his hands on him, trying hard to heal him.

"Please...Please heal, Thili...Please heal..."

"Hey, angel. I'm cool. Just leave me be, I'm alright..."

"No, no, you're not healing fast enough. I need to help you..."

"No worries. I've been through worse..." Thili chuckled, then coughed out blood that splattered all over Fai's chest. But Fai couldn't care about that.

"Please...Please don't leave me...I love you, Thilius...I love you...Please don't leave me...I love you..."


Elly, throughout his adventures searching for Kal and Melly with his dad, had learnt a lot of new tricks along the way. Martial arts, warlord techniques from his father, a little bit of sorcery here and there, but most important skill he had was the Healer technique, in which he learnt it from a traveling witch doctor. It comes in handy whenever his dad or himself get hurt in their adventures.

In Thili-Fai's scene, this takes place after "Break Away", in which Thili fought tooth and nail with the archangels to save him from being put to oblivion. He managed to take Fai away, but the archangels' weapons made him injured quite badly, and Fai is desperately trying to heal him, finally being honest with himself and Thili about his love for him

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