Wednesday, October 2, 2013

100 List Challenge: Pen and Paper

The Crying Traveler
Kita hummed as he lulled Raito to sleep. Elly imitated him, humming quite terribly, but somehow Kito fell asleep just the same. They've just finished being breastfed and it was time for their nap.

He passed by the file room and saw Rai signing and sorting through the documents. Ever since he was pregnant and gave birth to the twins, Rai had participated more into the business of ruling the clan as a second-in-command Prince, letting to have more time to handle motherhood and take a lot of load of work off his shoulders.

And yet he still finds time to be with him, to shower him with his tender loving care and be the husband and father he is. And he loves him for that.

"Hey, Kita. Hey, Elly," Rai noticed them and said in a soft voice so as not to wake the twins. "They asleep?"

"Yup, I'm taking them to the crib now. You carry on with your work."

"Alright. I'll be with you for lunch later, 'kay, Ki-Ki?"

"Hai, Rai-Rai."


Love of the Damned
"Hello? Hey, Luke...uh huh...Yeah..."

Thilius and Faira were relaxing at the hotel room, waiting for the call from Luke to tell them when and where their next big break was.

"Yeah. Sure, tell me the address. You just tell Leon we'll be there and have the guys send the clothes over."

As if reading his mind, as soon as Faira held out his hand, Thilius looked up from his Playboy magazine and passed him a pen and paper to write the address.

Hopefully their next big break would bring in more customers to buy Leon's designs and bring in more commission for them.


Kita and Rai had been husband and 'wife' for many years and they've ruled side by side way before they had Kito and Raito.

In my RP with Akari-Jaganashi, in Kita's family, the family members have a tendency to give birth to hermaphrodite sons once in a while because of a deal waaaaaaaay back during Kita's ancestor's time in which his sexual preference for men denied him of a chance to give his lover a child, and therefore the Kyuubi allowed him the gift of conception, thus the hermaphroditic features. Because of Kita's nature as a hermaphrodite, no other clans are willing to have their daughters married to him for fear that it would complicate the relationship and the bloodline.

In Kita's royal clan, arranged marriages were quite common and the couples don't exactly fall in love until they've actually married for many years, sometimes never falling in love at all. After many tries to matchmake Kita with the right person, they finally found a clan who is willing to have their son take Kita as his 'bride'.

They signed the agreement and shook on it, while at the same time, Kita and Raito met when Raito went with his friends to go peek on Kita and his girl friends bathing at the nearby river. Raito was so smitten by Kita's beauty that he could not bring himself to like any other, even though he was technically straight to begin with. And Kita was so struck by Raito's handsome features that he didn't have the heart to scold him for peeking at his bathing.

They promised to go out together for the New Year Festival, but was devastated when their parents told them they had promised them to another without their knowledge and they were going to meet their fiance during the New Year Festival. As luck would have it, they did meet and found out their parents have promised them to each other! The rest was history.

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