Thursday, October 3, 2013

100 List Challenge: Relaxation

The Crying Traveler
Everyone lay on the grass, enjoying the nice warm spring sun.

Melly lay asleep with the twins and their son and daughter Fedora and Delora. Elly and Kiba are playing with their son Jarokh aka Jerry and Kita and Rai played with their daughter Sakura, while Nakh and Kal were in each other's arm and have their twins Marukha and Marakha between them.

"Feels so peaceful, isn't it?" Kal asked, looking up at the sunny sky.

"Yes, Kal my cherry. All is well."

Nothing felt better than this.


Love of the Damned
Thilius sipped on the sake and enjoyed the wind blowing at their faces. Faira lay against Thilius, content to just being in his presence.

"Ah, this is the life," Thilius muttered. "Getting the day off to enjoy the Japanese onsen, Damien looked after by Sister Terra, you with me. What could possibly be any better?"

"Does asking for your 'undivided attention' ring a bell?" Faira asked naughtily as he traced a finger suggestively on Thilius' thigh, blushing in a sheepish manner.

Thilius grinned at Faira's boldness.

"Well, I wouldn't want to waste something that's offered to me on a silver platter," Thilius, without warning, tackled Faira onto the wooden floor.

"W...Wait...! Here...?" Faira was nervous.

"So what? It's our private chalet. I doubt anyone's watching.

So saying, he nibbled at Faira's weak spot on the earlobe, making the angel moan and threw all logic out of the window.

Yes, what could possibly be any better?



In Nakh-Kal's scene, Kal has finally come clean with everyone and Nakh forgave Kal for having the deal with the Death Lord. In fact, he allowed Kal to visit the Death Lord's twins every once a month for a week and had become a second father to the twins. Melly didn't have to pretend anymore and everything was back to normal as it used to be. Nakh and Kal rekindled their relationship and soon, Marukha and Marakha became another addition into the Hadurakh family.

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