Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Abandoned

The Crying Traveler
Melliath stared blankly at the sky, his blood seeping and spreading through the river.

He could still hear the muffled laughter of those men and the smell of their booze and pipe-smoking breath as they had their way with him.

He could still feel the stabs, whips and lashes that were inflicted on him whenever he disobeyed an order or refused a customer.

As his vision got blurer and blurer, he had only one thought in his mind.

Please let me die...


Love of the Damned
Rain poured heavily as Thilius and Faira tried to make their way to the nearest store to get take-out for the day.

Suddenly they both heard a baby wail in the midst of the rain and thunder.

Disregarding the rain that soaked him through, Faira ran ahead of Thilius towards the direction of the voice. He gasped in horror as he saw a little newborn baby wrapped in rags with just its umbelical cord on it. A black cat was staring at it from the trashcan it was in.

"Oh my God!" Faira's eyes sprung into tears as he picked the baby up. "How could they do this to a child? A newborn child nonetheless!"

Thilius stared quietly, his heart brimming with disgust at whoever was heartless enough to leave a poor child here to die. Finally, he uttered the question he had always wanted to ask.

"Now do you think mankind deserves to be saved?"

Faira, holding the baby close, didn't know what to answer.



Yes, you saw it right at the Nakh-Kal section. That's Melliath aka Melly. Remember in the other list where I mentioned Kal's clansmen took Melly away after killing Kal?

Well, apparently during the time period in which Nakh was on his way towards Kal's clan to exact his revenge, Kal's clansmen used Melly as their personal punching bag, beating him everyday and calling him a 'monster' because of his lineage.

Finally, one of Kal's servants, who had no grudge against Kal's relationship with Nakh, couldn't stand Melly being abused everyday like this and decided to help him escape. He stole him out of the dungeon where they kept him at the Head of the Village's mansion and decided to hand him to Nakh's clan instead. Of course, when the clansmen found out, they hung him to death.

And that servant made a bad choice anyway, because when Nakh's clansmen knew that Melly was the spawn of their exiled member, they hated him straightaway. But unfortunately, they didn't have the decency to let him go. In fact, the beauty that Melly inherited from his mother (he's born a Mundockian) made the clansmen decided to turn him into their sex slave.

Over and over, he was subjected to various abuse both physically and mentally. There had been a few times in which their rough sex got Melly knocked up, but more beatings was all it took to lead him into numerous miscarriages, and then the cycle of being a sex slave repeated itself again.

Until one day, one of the clansmen went a little too rough on the sex and ended up bludgeoning the poor boy. Thinking that he killed him, he quickly dragged Melly to the nearest river and let him drift for days.

How he was rescued will be explained later in the list.

In Thili-Fai's scene, yeah, you saw it. Someone abandoned their baby near the dumpster and it was Thili and Fai who found him. The baby girl was barely alive and if they had found her two hours later than they should, she would've been dead.

The baby was quickly sent into pediatric ICU while Thili and Fai tracked down the woman that abandoned her. Turns out she was a prostitute who got knocked up when she was high and forgot to take The Pill.

She couldn't even feed herself, let alone a baby, so when she gave birth at a nearby midwifery centre, she took the baby and fled (because she couldn't pay the fees) and left the baby there.

The woman was put in jail for manslaughter and the baby was immediately adopted by a nice family in Conneticutt

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