Thursday, September 26, 2013

Transformers Favs

My Primus
 Ever since I watched Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, my brain has been nagging me to draw some serious Transformer shit. I tried to ignore it, because I know I bloody HATE and SUCK at drawing mechas, but it kept nagging and nagging and nagging until I finally gave in

I had to use reference for it, and I prefer to draw the old-fashioned Optimus Prime we grew up with just to make my life easier. After one hour of referencing, drawing and inking and about another hour of colouring, it's finally FINISHED~!! Gah~!!! I swear I'll never draw mechas ever AGAIN, no matter how much I like them!!

If you can see the little girl on his shoulder, that used to be an OC I created back when I was a kid. Basically she is like Sari from TFA, without the key and stuff. She is a human cyborg created by the Decepticons to spy on the Autobots so that she could learn about their weaknesses and send feedback to them, but after being with the Autobots for a while, she had developed a relationship and a connection with them, and harboured a deep love for Optimus, that she finally decided to confess her crimes to the Autobots and defect from the Decepticons. Optimus readily forgave her and everytime he transformed into his mecha status, she would leap up onto his shoulder to join the fight

TFP-Unexpected Surprise

I saw a number of arts from the Armada episode of TFP about Starscream and his clones, and somehow this naughty idea popped into my head of the clones actually being Starscream/Megatron's love-children, and it's been nagging me in my head for quite a while, so I couldn't resist! I had to draw it!

And ever since reading some Opti/Megs fanfics, I now strongly believe Bumblebee is their lovechild as well, and nothing you say will change my mind, so there. LOL! Since I'm also a fan of Opti/Megs and Star/Megs AND Star/Megs/Opti (I couldn't decide between the first two pairings), so yeah.

I always view Starscream as some kind of white trash cracker and Opti like some hillybilly country boy when I was deciding on their clothes, thus their dressing


Snuggly SSxSW

Saw the original lineart by :iconrosey-raven: and I couldn't resist. I HAD to colour it

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