Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Two Roads

The Crying Traveler
"Which way would you like to go now?"

Kita looked at the signs. One said 'North' and one said 'South'.

"Which direction from here is your village anyways?" Kal asked.

"If I'm not mistaken, it should be north, judging by the wind..."

"Are you sure?" Laira asked. "I wouldn't want you to end up taking the wrong path."

"I'm leaning more towards the south though," Kal suggested. "Winds may change and all that..."

Kita contemplated for a while, then made his decision.

"I trust your instincts, Kal. Take us south, Laira."


Love of the Damned
"So which way should we take now?"

Everyone stopped at the T-junction. Fai took out the map to study it with Luke while the rest enjoyed the sites.

"We've just went past the windmill fields," Fai pointed at a map. "So we should be here now. There's supposed to be a blue hut up ahead as our marker on the way to our destination but..." Fai looks around, "I don't see any blue hut."

"Maybe it's far back down the road," Luke suggested. "That means we should be going left."

"I thought you said you knew this place like the back of your hand," Thilius commented.

"I said I knew this place like my backhand, which means it sucks! I haven't come home in years!"

"We'll just have to ask for directions then," Fai sighed.

"Are we there yet?" Amethyst and Gabrielle asked.

"Nope, getting there," Luke replied, then muttered in his breath, "not that you're helping."



Laira is, obviously, a centaur Kal and Kita came across when they got lost in the woods after delivering an important tribute package to the Shirogane Kyuubi, the lord of all things canine. She was out plucking wild flowers when she stumbled upon them, and she kind-heartedly decided to take them home.

Thili and Fai and the gang, on the other hand, went to Luke's hometown to go visit his exorcist family and also attend Luke's sister's wedding.

Luke has a total of 5 sisters and 2 brothers and all of them have more or less a sort of six sense which is important for their exorcism skills and usually in Luke's family tradition, to carry on the family name and bloodline, they are allowed to marry anyone as long as the other party agrees to marry into the family and carry the Featherworth family name, regardless if the party is man or woman, and since it's Luke's sister getting married, there is a high chance her husband-to-be will be forced to take in the Featherworth family name.

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