Saturday, September 28, 2013

100 List Challenge: Innocence

The Crying Traveler
"Happy birthday, Kalana!"

Kalana smiled happily. He was glad he made the right decision to slip out of the birthday party his clan hosted for him and went to see Nakh instead. It was getting a little crowded and all the guests were interested was whether he had considered taking them as his husband anyway. None of them were sincere in celebrating his birthday.

None like Nakh.

"What's all the food lying about?" Kalana asked at the spread before him.

"I rigged them from the townspeople while they weren't looking. I had a feeling you might come over so I thought I'd get ready. I even got the mead."

"Aww, thanks, Nakh. You're so thoughtful."

Nakh and Kalana wined and dined for a while, having their own personal birthday party. It felt so much better than being that crowded superficial world he called home.

Nakh soon started getting tipsy on the mead. In his eyes, Kalana no longer looked like the innocent, cute Mundockian he knew, but a man eager and ready to be deflowered and claimed as his own.

Without warning, Nakh removed his loincloth. Kalana, who has never seen a real man naked before, was surprised.

"What are you doing, Nakh?"

"Want me to teach you something new...?"


Love of the Damned
"You came back."

Faira leaned against a random tree, feeling very awkward.

"Yes, I have. I don't know why I did it, but here I am."

"You just couldn't stay away from me, can you?" Thilius grinned as he proceeded forward to him.

"Do not be so full of yourself. You are definitely Pride personified."

"And you definitely talk too much," Thilius replied as he took Faira by the waist close to him, magicking the angel's garments away.

"W-What do you want to do with me...?" Faira asked worriedly.

"To prove to you that you're no innocent than I am."



Kalana grew up raised by his townsfolk ever since his parents died, and sex-ed was not exactly taught very well to him, that's why he didn't blush or anything when Nakh was in his naked glory. That was the night that Kalana had lost his virginity to Nakh when Nakh drunk on mead during his birthday.

Faira, on the other hand, in this part was still somewhat in the denial stage of their relationship. You can say they've already gone down and dirty (thanks to Thili), and no matter how disgusted Faira was with it and the fact that he was loving a demon, he couldn't seem to stop himself from coming back for more. Perhaps he's a little masochistic...

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