Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Under the Rain

The Crying Traveler
"Gah! It's totally pouring! We should get back quick before it gets any worse!"

Kita, Kal and Nakh had just left Kitsune Mura after visiting an old friend of Kita's and it was raining cats and dogs. On the way back, the trio spotted someone lying on the road.

"Hey, whossat?" Kita asked, pointing at that direction.

"Dunno. Let's go check it out," Kalana suggested.

As the trio came closer, they saw it was a little half-breed, possibly a succubus-human hybrid. And she was totally bruised and battered on the ground, lying there unconscious.

"Her breathing is really shallow," Nakh checked with his finger at her nose. "We might lose her."

"Well, we can't get her back to my village at this weather," Kita said. "We might have to bunk out somewhere nearby until the rain eases down."

"I see lights up yonder," Kal said as he pointed at a distance. Sure enough there was a row of lights indicating that there was a village there.

"Come on then," Nakh said as he carried the half-breed. "Let's get there. She really needs medical attention."

The trio braved through the rain as fast as they could to get to the village.


Love of the Damned
"Of all the luck, it had to rain now."

Thilius and Faira are under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It wasn't easy trying to get away to have some alone time, and the weather wasn't very cooperative.

"At least no one's around at the moment. They won't have to see us putting on our shields to block ourselves from the rain."

"Yup, and they don't have to see this."

Without warning, Thilius reached over to kiss Faira on the lips. Fai was taken aback at first, but soon eased into the kiss.

"Happy anniversary, angel."

"Happy anniversary, love."



Wohoo~! I couldn't help it. I have to have my OC Illust-chan from FooVerse to have a cameo here, although the FooVerse has nothing to do with this scene. She was there because she was chased out and almost beaten to death by her own mother, blaming her for being the source of her ill luck, and left for dead. Thanks to the trio, she was nursed back to health and her real father, who was an incubus, was quickly located by Nakh and Kita and Illust-chan was given back to him to look after.

In the Thili-Fai scene, they were in Paris to do a photoshoot for a world wide calendar promotion where model reps are chosen from every country to be featured on a weekly calender. Thili and Fai were chosen to represent the second week of August in the calendar. On the day of their wedding anniversary, they slipped out of the hectic schedule and wanted to relax by checking out the sights at the Eiffel Tower, but apparently the weather wasn't too kind. Still, there's always the bright side of things :)

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