Sunday, September 29, 2013

100 List Challenge: Silence

The Crying Traveler
Kal dropped his tray of strawberries as he felt arms around him and a hand around his mouth.

"Kal? Kalana? Where are you?"

"Silence," the man holding Kal captive spoke. "If you know what's good for your baby and your friend's."

Kal trembled and struggled to stay still and quiet.

"We've found you, traitor. We all know where you are now. And it'll be a matter of time before you, your spawns and that giant will be dead. Remember that."

So saying, the man let go of the poor Mundockian and disappeared into the woods, leaving Kal puking out of fear and Kita rushing to him asking what was wrong.


Love of the Damned
Thilius and Faira were in the library checking out books. Thilius scoured the area and couldn't find anything good to read. He went down to the fiction section under Aisle D and soon saw Faira checking out a book.

"Hey, angel," Thilius popped out from behind him.

"Hey there, hun," Faira greeted him but was taken by surprise when Thilius snatched the book he was holding from him. "Thili, may I have my book please?"

"How can you read this?" Thilius scanned through the book. "There's no pictures."

"Well, some people use their imagination," Faira humphed as he snatched the book back.

"What's it about anyways? I recognize that title...I think you've read that book twice!"

"Well, it is my favourite. Far-off places, daring sword fights, a princess in disguise..."

Faira's laments were cut short by Thilius' lips sealing his own. They kissed and kissed for almost 10 seconds before the need for air forced them apart.

"Well this is my favourite," Thilius whispered to a pouty Faira, "Shutting up an angel princess in a land filled with silent words."

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