Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Mother Nature

The Crying Traveler
"OMG! Is that you, Nakh'Tushka?"

Nakh looked up to see a greenish lady with her hair billowing in some kind of invisible wind. He smiled.

"Hello, Mother."

"Oh, I just love it when you call me that, even though I'm not really your mother. I swear you grow up so quickly."

"Thanks, Mother."

"Daddy? Who?" Elly asked in his toddler vocabulary, pointing at the lady.

"That's Mother Nature, son. Say hi to Mother."


"Is that your son?" Mother Nature exclaimed. "Oh he is so cute~! Where's the missus? I must meet her!"

"Well, Mother...It's a long story..."

"I've got time," Mother Nature sat beside him, reverting into human form with her greenish hair covering most of her nude form.

They had a lot of catching up to do.


Love of the Damned
Thilius came up with two choco and mint combo ice cream towards his angel who was waiting for him at the park.

"Here you go, hun," Thili handed one cone for him.

"Thanks, love," Fai replied as he took the cone, continue to stare at the two stray cats on the tree being lovey-dovey to each other.

"Thinking about something, hun?" Thili asked.

"Just thinking about how mortals could survive and adapt after so much time passes by. You throw anything at them and they just get up, brush the dust and move on. It's like as if Noah never happened."

"That's Mother Nature for you."

"No," Faira smiled. "That's the Lord for you."



Mother Nature and Nakh go way back when Nakh was still a child. She was there to comfort him and keep him alive when he had to go through one of his clan's grueling, life-threatening rituals and she practically watched him grow up whenever she can

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