Thursday, September 26, 2013

Love of the Damned: Chara Profile

Character profiles of my star-crossed angel and demon lovers I created from a bunch of sketches in high school

Below are new characters I added in that I didn't have in my sketches:

Jesus (pronounced as Hay-soos) Cabrera of the Miami PD. He is under the special agents unit and his workplace is situated about a few miles away from Chinatown where Jay works.

He is the head of the investigation cases of the bizarre deaths that surrounded the Miami region, and they all had something in common: they were customers of Jay. He was very sure that Jay had something to do with their deaths, but so far was not able to prove it because of the lack of paper trail and also the fact that it abides with the disclaimer law in which once the contract is signed, all responsibilities of Jay's shop are waived away.

Jesus and Jay's relationship can be considered a little bit of a love-hate kind because even though Jay was guilty of the crimes, he could not prove it, plus the charismatic charm of Jay was not exactly very easy for him to ignore, and also the fact that there had been occasions where Jay saved his life a few times. And also probably because even though he were to reveal Jay was not of this world, no one would believe him anyway.

Jay shows a genuine interest in being friends, if not closer than that, with Jesus because Jesus reminded him of the young and innocent Jesus Christ when he started his preaching of The Word. Jesus Cabrera denies of having any feelings for Jay despite his more or less obvious attraction for his mystery and charm, but there have been occasions where he had to fight with Luka for Jay's attention

Judas Iscariot the XXVI aka Jay and his shop assistant and adopted son Luka, with his pet Mangy on his shoulder.

Jay is one of the 66 blood descendants of the traitor apostle Judas Iscariot, literally. When Judas hung himself after betraying Jesus, the rope in which he hung snapped his neck right away, granting him a quick death. When the first 66 crows came to pick on his body, they ingested his blood, and subsequently, his consciousness. The blood and consciousness took root into those crows and they transformed into the 66 embodiment of Judas on Jesus' resurrection, each bearing the mark of the silver coin engraving on the nape of their neck. After the consciousness sunk in, the 66 Judas-es realized there was no easy way to repay for the sin they had done over The One, and was doomed for eternity to roam around the land until Judgment Day.

Jay, with Judas' memories intact, refused to let himself wallow in self-pity and decided to serve his time on Earth his own way. He settled into Chinatown and opened a Chinese antique shop, selling a wide range of items, even questionable ones, but he was most popular for his pets that he kept in his backroom, pets so exotic that you have to sign a blood contract to own it and if the rules were not followed to the letter, the consequences was the owner to bear. You can say it is almost his twisted way of punishing sinners in order to get onto the Lord's good side on Judgment Day. Mangy is one of his personal exotic pets.

Luka is a Rebirth, which are sinners who escape from Hell to be reborn onto Earth and are always on the run from demon hunters who will send them back to Hell. Jay rescued him from one such demon hunter and took him under his wing, making him his shop assistant/adopted son. In usual form, he is a soft-spoken, quiet boy who clings onto Jay like a possessive, dependent spoilt son, but when he is in Rebirth form, he would be engulfed by fire and produces pyrokinetic powers, eating souls who deserved to be dead

I hope I don't get struck by lightning for writing this

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