Friday, September 27, 2013

Illust-chan in Foo-Verse

A Flower for A Lady

Bedtime Story

Bobby-Dada's Promise

Cold Kiss

Cool & Cozy

Fighting for Bobby-Dada

FooFoo Gets No Lovin'

FooFoo and Bob Parenting

Happy As It Is

Her Heart's Desire

Illust-chan Meets Bob

Illust-chan Meets FooFoo

Illust-chan Ref Sheet

Illust-chan and Lil' Gem

Illust-chan Intro to Foo-verse

Making a Record


Losing Touch

My Bobby-Dada

My Dada No. 13, Majah

Perfect Playmate

Sandman's Domain

Bath Time

The Accusation

The Little She-Devil

The She-Devil's Boogeyman

You Did Well

My OC Illust-chan, created after I became a fan of Foo Foo and Bob in the Foo-verse, collaboration between three of my favourite dA members, one of them being Snapesnogger/OwlGem

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