Friday, September 27, 2013

The Crying Traveller: Premise

This is a original character I created back in high school on a comic under that same title. You can say this was the one that started my fetish for Mpregs. Here's the bottom line of my comic:

There is this alternate world where it is still in the medieval ages, where people go about living the life of the Medieval Ages. The only difference is that in this alternate world, it is only inhabited by males. How then, you ask, they reproduce if they're all males? Easy. Their males evolved into two separate species: One is the Estopians and one is the Mundockians. Estopians are pure male with male genitals and all that. Mundockians are males in the exterior, with flat chests and all that, but with female genitals as in the vagina and womb and all that. To differentiate between an Estopian and a Mundockian is the slightly feminine features and body structure of the Mundockians.

As the story goes, when there's medieval times, there's the legendary beasts. The guy in the picture is an Estopian giant from the distant clan of giants. His name is Nakh'Tushka aka Nakh for short. The baby he's carrying belonged to his Mundockian mate named Kalana. He was found by Kalana battered and bruised after fleeing from a war between giant clans (giants in this universe are at constant war because of fighting over land, and are usually brutal in nature), and though Kalana wanted to just leave him there to die, his conscience got the better of him and he took care and nursed Nakh back to health. Nakh slowly fell in love with Kalana and somehow raped him when he got drunk during the celebration of Kalana's birthday. Kalana was traumatized at first, but found out that his feelings were mutual for him to leave him, so they eloped and had an Estopian son named Ellokh.

It was taboo for humans and giants to be lovers, and it didn't take long for others to find out about their relationship. The villagers came to Nakh and Kalana's loveshack, demanding that Kalana give the taboo baby away to them so that they could kill him in honour of the humans. Kalana wouldn't give up without a fight and got a fatal stab trying. Nakh, who just came back from gathering food, found Kalana holding the crying Ellokh tightly in his arms and the villagers trying to pry the baby away from him. Enraged, Nakh stormed over to them and killed them and the entire village in the process before going back to Kalana to nurse him, but it was too late. With his dying breath, Kalana said 'I Love You' to Nakh before closing his eyes forever...

Nakh, since he got banished from the giant clan for fratenizing with humans, now travels around with Ellokh in his arms and a coffin containing his love on his back, and whenever he thought about him, he cries...

Though as I drew more arts as I try to rekindle my passion for this character, it had somehow evolved and expanded, and the ending had somehow morphed into something more, so yeah. Just thought I'd share

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