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100 List Challenge: Illusion

The Crying Traveler
The trio couldn't believe their eyes. They rubbed their eyes and pinched and punched each other to convince themselves they were not dreaming, that it was not an illusion, but they still couldn't believe it.

There, standing there, was Melliath and Kalana on his shoulders.

Melly had looked probably a year or two younger than Elly and almost as tall as Nakh, and Kalana's hair was a faded shade of brown, but there was no mistake about it.

It was Melly and Kalana.

"Why are they staring at us, Mommy?" Melly asked.

"I dunno, Melly," Kalana shrugged. "C'mon, let's go. We don't want to be late to grab the newest dress for tonight's ball."

As they walked away, leaving the stunned trio behind, Nakh, Kita and Elly began to give chase.


Love of the Damned
Fai and Thili stood face to face with Alicia and Allister. Allister held onto his sister's waist and huddled behind her.

"Allie, I'm scared."

"Big Sis is right here, Al. I'll protect you."

"Listen to us, kids," Fai urged. "Both of you cannot be together. Both of you are not even supposed to be born. You have to return to where you belong. It's the right thing to do. You're not even..."

"Human?" Allie ended his sentence. "We know. We know all about our destiny. Our union will bring forth a child that would turn the whole world upside down, like this."

So saying, the whole surrounding became a derelict scene the likes of an apocalypse predicted by many scholars and many theologists. It was like Judgement Day itself.

"If you carry on hanging to each other like this, many more people will die," Thilius continued. "If you proceed in creating a child, you will bring forth the ends of the world. You knew it would happen and you still wish to move on with this illicit relationship?"

"I don't care. They can die all they want," Allie replied. "They can go off and extinct all they want but they will never understand our love with each other."

"You cannot decide the ends of the world. It'll go against the whole plans of God. You can't do this..."


As the brother Al screamed, the ground shook like a massive earthquake going on. The demon and angel had to cover their ears to reduce the impact and everyone else around was running helter-skelter in horror. Only Allie was not affected.

Looks like they'll have to do it the hard way.



This is also one of my fav drawings in the list. Yup, you saw it in Nakh-Kal scene. Apparently Melly and Kal are still alive! Wohoo!

In this scene, Kita, after years of trying to get over Kal's death (by behaving like Vegeta from Dragonball), he decided on Nakh and Elly's latest visit to the clan that he would join the search for Kal and Melly. Their journey led them to one section of the world where it's the mirror image of the section where Nakh and Kal came from: a world where there was only women.

In this section, like Nakh and Kal's section, to procreate, they evolved into Majina (pure women) and Requinox (futanari aka dick-girls that can only impregnate Majina-s while they themselves cannot get pregnant), and the village they're in is the Village of Amazonios that worship the Goddess Amazonios who is a Goddess of Tranquility. That is where they met Melly and Kal.

How did Melly and Kal survived, you say? Well, for starters, remember in the previous series where I mentioned that Kal's coffin and body were missing mysteriously from Nakh's arms? Well, it was thanks to the Lord of Death.

You see, the Lord of Death had somehow had a crush on Kal after taking his soul to the afterlife. He decided, to make Kal happy, that he would bring Kal back to life under one condition (which I will reveal later towards the list).

When Kal opened his eyes and breathed new life, he somehow found himself lying on a field of lavenders which was just nearby the Amazonios with no memory of the past and no longer inside the coffin (that's because after Lord of Death brought him back to life, he transported Kal's to that spot and destroyed the coffin).

The Amazonios, who practiced tranquility, accepted Kal into the clan very willingly, and so far, only their village medium knew the truth about how he came to be. A few months later, a group of Majina-s who were bathing in the river returned quite shaken because they saw a dead body washed up shore. Turned out to be Melly, but he was only barely alive. Kal's memory of Melly was somehow triggered and the 'mommy' and 'daughter' were reunited.

Because of the bludgeon on the head, Melly also lost partially of his memory but seemed to recall Kal being his mommy, so they all lived together peacefully in Amazonios, with all the girls treating them like one of their own.

Until Nakh, Kita and Elly found them.

In Thili-Fai scene, they are having a face-off with the twins Alicia aka Allie and Allister aka Al. They are fraternal twins whose birth was not meant to be.

In their past lives they are Angels of Death and Destruction which are kept within the bowels of deep space until it was time to awaken them for Judgement Day (I hope I don't get struck by lightning by making my own assumptions of the D-Day), but somehow, due to mysterious circumstances, they were released and were somehow reborn into the mortal world as fraternal twins, and because of their nature, their mother died 3 hours after they were born and the rest of the hospital had to be quarantined because everyone inside was dying of some sort of unseen and unexplained virus. Only they remained alive and well.

Since Death and Destruction came together, somehow in a matter-of-fact sort of way, wherever they went, death and destruction happened. They have been switched from one orphanage to another but no one seemed to live long when they're around. Only when they were separated by coincidence and adopted by different families did the calamity stop. As they grew up, they always felt a piece of themselves were missing, and somehow, in an interesting twist of fate, they met each other during a public convention and when people started falling and having seizures all of a sudden except them, they knew right away they've found their missing piece.

They have been lovers when they were angels in the beginning so naturally, they fell in love with each other despite being fraternal twins. Allie, besides being the Angel of Death, has the power of illusion, while Allister, besides being the Angel of Destruction, has the power of soundwave. They had a premonition that if they ever married and have a child, it would end up speeding the process of Judgement Day before its rightful time, and all the world would cease to exist. But they didn't care. All they had was each other, and if the world ends with them, so be it.

Of course, Thilius and Faira would not go down without a fight and are planning to kill them so that they would be sent back to the bowels of deep space before their true calling arrives

OMG, I feel like I just written a novel

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