Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Crossover Arts

Kingdom Hearts-HPxKP Crossover

A crossover poster I mde bwteen Harry Potter and Kim Possible in Kingdom Hearts fashion. Cool, huh? As you can see, Harry plays the role of Sora, Kim as the role of Donald (Well, she is after all the livelier of the two) and Ron as Goofy.

Don't worry, their attitude remains the same, just the role they're playing represents the original characters in KH. Snape definitely plays the role as Riku while Draco can fit in Kairi's role, it's up to your imagination why is he doing there, while Wade replaces King Mickey.

Since the villains are all from Disney in KH, my version is they all come from Middleton, only that Voldemort will play the role of Malificent. It should fit.... He he... ^^; Never really thought of it much, just created it out of my boring head...

The Apprentice: KP vs HP
Two teams competing for the vacancy in Trump Organization and our teams are...*drum rolls* Team Middleton and Team Hogwarts!!

Boy, if this were real-life, Donald Trump would definitely have his work cut out for him...

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