Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Childhood

The Crying Traveler
Nakh and Nara stared long and hard at the toddler who was looking at them nonchalantly with a pacifier in his mouth.

"Is that a human baby?" Nara asked.

"I think so. You think it's a Mundockian or Estopian?" Nakh continued staring at the toddler.

"I think it's Mundockian. Look, he's wearing a dress and he's got a ponytail."

"Let's check it out," Nakh was about to get up to pick the toddler up when a rock hit him on the forehead.

"Nakh, you OK?" Nara voiced.

"Something hit me. Darn it, who the heck..."

"You stay away from the Prince, you monster!"

They turned to see an adult human, possibly Mundockian as well, running and reached out with trembling arms to pick up the toddler.

"Let's get out of here, Your Highness Kalana. It's not safe here."

The twins continued watching as the Mundockian carried the toddler and ran like the wind away from them.

The toddler just waved goodbye at them, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.


Love of the Damned

"You like playing Peek-a-boo, don't you, Damien?"

Damien laughed at Tanya's question as he ducked back into the cloth, then reappeared again with another 'Nya~!' All the tailors chuckled at the antic he was doing.

As Faira and Thilius watched as they passed by the tailor room, they knew they found the best babysitter in the office.



Dun dun duuunnn! Big twist, innit? Turns out that Nakh and Nara had already met Kalana waaaaaaaaaay back when they were kids, so it was fate that brought them together.

Since Fai and Thili technically don't really have much a childhood, I thought I used Damien instead.

Being the son of models, naturally his playground would be around the best and trendiest clothes of the world, and what better way to spend your childhood with your parents at the workplace where they can keep an eye on you and being surrounded by the latest fashion?

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