Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Standing Still

The Crying Traveler
"Oh, Your Highness, you look so beautiful."

Kalana is at the dressing room, allowing his servants to help him dress up for the Spring Carnival. He was going to be the Guest of Honour today for the carnival's Mud-Racing Competition, and the winner would receive a trophy and a kiss from him.

"Don't need to really dress me up," Kalana said. "I'm going to get dirty kissing mud-covered contestants, anyway."

"Oh, don't worry about that." One servant chuckled as he braided his hair. "The winner will be first hosed down and dried clean and be suited up before getting your kiss. I heard that the winner would also win a date with you."

"That should prove a great feat at the competition," the other servant said, holding his rose tiara veil. "And who knows, you might even actually like this guy. You've turned down so many."

"They're just...not my type, I suppose," Kal replied half-heartedly.

"You got too much high standards, Your Highness," the servant finished braiding his hair. "Just let yourself go and experience it. You'll never know if you're looking at Mr. Right."

"I guess..."

"Now stand still and let me put the finishing touch," the servant with the veil put it on the prince's head. "There. Now you look just like the Prince you should be."

Kalana sighed inwardly. This was going to be a long day.


Love of the Damned
"Alright, everyone. The models are here," the art teacher clapped her hands to catch her students' attention. "Prepare your pencils, charcoals and canvas."

Everyone did as they were told. The art teacher signalled Thilius and Faira to come in.

"Take off your clothes and stand still over there for the students, alright?"

"Will do," Thilius replied with a thumbs up.

The duo proceeded to take off their clothes and stood on the mini stage between the circle of students. All of them were slightly dazed at their physique and beauty that they didn't know where to start.

"Go on," the art teacher clapped her hands again. "Focus. It's just like before. Draw what you see. Honestly, you behave as if you've never seen a naked person before. Didn't we did this just last month?"

Yes, everyone seemed to simultaneously think. But never as beautiful as these two!



Village of Thar likes to hold all kinds of festivals for certain occasions, and the Spring Carnival was one of them. Mud-Racing Competition is a kind of tournament to honour the ancestors of wading through the mud-filled swamp in order to secure land for their people to live.

This is where everyone would go to the mud-filled swamp where the ancestors have waded in and just try to get to the finish line on the other side through the mud. And as usual, Kal becomes their trophy.

For Thili and Fai, before they got their modelling job, they had to do odd jobs around the area while waiting for Luke to help them pull some strings into the agency. One of them would be to become nude models for art classes. Boy, I wish I were one of the students...

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