Saturday, September 28, 2013

100 List Challenge: Light

The Crying Traveler
"OMG! Look, Nakh! Fireflies!"

Nakh grinned. Kalana always had a soft spot for fireflies, and thanks to the summer, fireflies were abundant that night.

"Want me to catch some for you?"

"Just don't crush them," Kalana said sheepishly.

"I won't. Don't worry."

Nakh caught some with his big hands within seconds, then put them onto Kalana's hand. Soon both of them enjoyed the fluorescent light the beautiful night critter emitted


Love of the Damned
Thilius and Faira were walking down the main street trying to figure out what to buy for Christmas for their colleagues at the model agency. While they were deciding on a gift for Luke, Faira suddenly heard a cry.

"You hear that, Thili?"

Thilius perked up and listened, "Yeah, I heard it."

"It's coming from that dark alley over there. Shine your glow on."

"Are you serious? What if some mortal sees us?"

"Come on. No time for that. Whoever is crying needs our help."

Thilius rolled his eyes and sighed as he let out his famous glow. The dark alley soon lightened up and showed a little boy crouching on the snow crying.

"Hey there, little boy," Faira knelt beside him. "Why're you crying?"

"I lost my Mommy~!" the boy cried.

"Aww, poor thing," Faira picked the boy in his arms. "You want us to help you find your Mommy?"

"Yes, please..."

"Fai!" Thilius hissed. "We've got Christmas shopping to do!"

"Thili, his mother might be worried sick about him! C'mon," Faira gave him the pleading look Thilius both hated and loved. "It's Christmas."

Thilius groaned, "Oh, alright. Let's find the brat's mom and get it over with."

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