Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Deep in Thought

The Crying Traveler
Nakh watched as his naked son Elly stood at the shallow side of the river trying to catch fish. A thought came through his mind.

I can't carry on dragging my son along with me like this. He's a growing boy. He needs to be with friends. If I drag him along through my search for Melly and Kal, I'm afraid I'll end up traumatizing him with all the horrors of the world that he should not be exposed to at his age. Kal's death and my rage is harrowing enough...

"Daddy, are you thinking of something again?"

Nakh broke out of his reverie at Elly's question.

"What makes you think I've got something on my mind?"

"You got that look on your face. I know."

Nakh sighed and tried to smile. For his sake.

"Son, I need to tell you something..."


Love of the Damned
Thilius stroke Faira's hair as he watched his angel sleep.

He is cuddling a teddy bear that he made the demon buy out of impulse.

It was not good. Faira never made anyone do anything by force.

Faira has started to change, and change did not suit his angel.

Thilius sighed and stroke his hair again, wondering whether allowing Faira to take the Cradle of Life and getting him knocked up was the right thing to do.



In the Nakh-Kal scene, Nakh felt that his search for Melly and Kal was taking a toll on his son's innocence and considered leaving Elly under the care of Kita's clan while he continued his search. 

Of course later, when he tried to persuade Elly to accept his proposal, Elly downright refused it and tearfully screamed at him saying that he had "lost his Mommy and Sister; he was not going to lose his Daddy", which touched Nakh deeply of his devotion to the family and cancelled his intentions.

For Thili-Fai scene, Faira was finally about 2 months pregnant (from the diagnostics of Majah at his clinic) after taking the Cradle of Life and had sex with Thilius at the same night.


But as soon as his pregnancy showed along with the symptoms, Faira's demeanour slowly stated changing as well, with his suppressed negative emotions surfacing bit by bit and getting more obvious. Thilius was not used to it since his angel had always been the angelic goody-two-shoes and questioned their decision to have a child.

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