Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Hold My Hand

The Crying Traveler
"Do you still remember our promise?"

Elly turned to look at Kiba was slightly tinted on the cheeks, smiling.

"Of course. We promised each other on the day our parents engaged us when we were kids that we would never stray away from each other's hearts no matter what."

"Have you kept your promise?"

Elly reached over to hold Kiba's hand and waited until Kiba faced him eye to eye. "I never broke it, ever. Have you?"

"Me neither."

While they gazed in each other's eyes, they have no idea that they were being watched by three pairs of naughty orbs.


Love of the Damned
The Boss gathered everyone at the conference room as usual to show off his new designs for next fashion show.

Everyone groaned inwardly, not really listening. It was going to be the same old thing anyway: The Boss briefs them on the clothes that they're going to wear anyway whether they like it or not, and once the fashion show starts, it'll be all to Lady Luck whether they would make a fool of themselves or not.

Only Fai was listening quite intently, seeming to take in everything. Thilius was beginning to yawn his head off listening to all this. He wasn't really into fashion, but showing off his delectable body at millions of fans out there is something he didn't mind doing.

Glancing at Fai looking like he was attending the world's most interesting class in the century made him feel a little jealous. He leaned his hand over and whispered.

"Hold my hand."

"Why?" Faira asked, not taking his eyes away.

"Just do it."

Faira shrugged and took his hand, his eyes still glued in front, but at least with his angel's hand on his, the demon was rest assured that not all his attention is on The Boss



For the Nakh-Kal scene, in my RP with Akari-Jaganashi we agreed to have our OC children be engaged to each other, which is my Elly with his Kiba, Kita's nephew. They been together since the first time they met when Nakh and Kal joined in the clan, and ever since Kiba succeeded in carrying the baby giant, they were closer than peas and carrots. So we thought, why not? Match-make them, of course! This scene takes place after Kal and Melly was found, which will be explained later in the list.

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