Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Teamwork

The Crying Traveler
"Shh...We're close now."

Elly, Melly, Kiba and the twins Kito and Raito were huddled together among the grass, waiting for the opportune strike.

"Remember," Kiba gave the orders. "Kito, Raito and I will sneak around the corner and distract them, then chase them down towards your direction, Elly and Melly, and then you two will pounce and grab as much as you can. Got it?"

"Got it!" everyone whispered and waited for the signal as Kiba and the twins got around the other side.

It's all about teamwork now.


Love of the Damned
It was Green World Day, and The Boss dragged his models into another one of the charity run things, where they were required to clean up and beautify the nearby parks.

"Put your backs into it, boys and girls," The Boss said as he sipped his Cola. "Remember to separate the metal, glass, paper and plastic, yeah?"

"Not fair, Boss!" Luke yelled. "Why are we all doing the job while you hang out over here?! It's supposed to be teamwork!"

"Of course I'm contributing to the teamwork. I'm cheering you on, ain't I?"

"Forget it, Luke," Gabrielle said. "It's a lost cause. Let's just get it over and done with."

"What's with the mini vegetable garden, Fai?" Thili asked as he picked up a rubbish.

"The park janitor lives nearby here. Thought I'd give him a surprise."

"You and your united bleeding hearts of the world, Fai."

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