Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Expectations

The Crying Traveler
The Thar Winter Anniversary is coming and everyone in the Village of Thar are all dressed up for the occasion. Everyone was excited for this because soon their Village Prince Kalana Pureheart would be having the Grand Winter Ball, just as his family did every year.

There was a hush silence as Kalana walked past them. He greeted them all politely, but he could tell that their facial expression were not sincere as they responded to his greeting.

They all looked expectant, just like everyday.

Expecting him to take one of them as his husband.


Love of the Damned
"This is the theme for the next WFFO bumper magazine!"

The Boss passed picture samples to Thili and Fai. Every year, they would choose reps to follow the theme set by the World Fashion Fad Organization (WFFO) and would feature them in their yearly bumper magazine. As usual, The Boss chose Thili and Fai.

"Err, sorry, Boss, but..." Fai looked through all the pictures, "Why are the pictures all women?"

"That's the theme for the mags!" The Boss replied cheerfully. "'Men in Drag'! The WFFO decided to have a theme where every model agency sends male reps to be dressed up in women's fashion! It's the latest trend! It's to cater for the new half society!"

"You mean you want us to go around wearing dresses and skirts like a fucking transvestite?!" Thilius exclaimed.

"Well, if it's for the good of the people, even if it's the new half society, why not? C'mon, be a sport! It's all decided! I've already sent your names to the WFFO. I have high expectations on you boys, I mean, ladies~!"

Thilius really felt like giving a good sock at The Boss' face.



Kalana is a prince in his village and ever since he's come of age, everyone wants his hand in marriage, but not because they loved him. They loved his money. Some may be really sincere in pursuing him, but one look at his riches, Kalana knew he had lost them to the seduction of wealth. Only Nakh was not impressed with his wealth and status. In fact, he's not a big fan of the high ups. That's why Kalana loves him so much to let go of everything.

Thili and Fai are possibly The Boss' favourites, so sometimes he makes them do outrageous things, which makes the other models feel glad that they weren't his favourite sometimes. That's what you get for being an all-rounder sexy demon and angel, I suppose

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