Saturday, September 28, 2013

100 List Challenge: Break Away

The Crying Traveler
Kalana, 5 months pregnant, was in the arms of the Kaplanites, the doomed creatures of flight, as they prepared to sacrifice his unborn child.

"Let us hope that this child of his will help us regain our power of flight again," the Kaplanist priest glowered as he raised his dagger, ready to stab him.

Suddenly a commotion rang out. Before they knew, they found themselves staring at anger-crazed Nakh as he broke away from his bounds and the Kaplanites trying to hold him down.

"Impossible! The Sleeping Draught is enough to knock out a dozen elephants! He shouldn't be moving!" the priest exclaimed.


Hell hath no fury like a giant scorned.


Love of the Damned
"Your sentencing will begin in minutes. Do you repent? Do you have any last words? It's not too late to turn back."

Faira stares down at the archangel while his hands and feet are stuck onto the magnetic crucifix.

"There is nothing to repent," Faira let out a small smile of pride, knowing what was to come.

"Very well," the archangel sighed in disappointment and prepared the electric rod. "I therefore sentence you, Faira, to..."

"Get the fuck away from my angel!"

"Thi-Thili?!" Faira was shocked to see Thilius standing there in his demon form before the crowd.

"Begone, demon! This is none of your concern! We shall deal with you after we punish this traitor!"

"Shut up, all of you fucking hypocrites! You are not taking my angel away from me!" Thilius yelled as he stormed past the crowd, hitting them like bowling pins.

"Thili, stop! This is my sin! I'm prepared for this! Please don't..."

"I. Said. SHUT. UP!!!"

With that, Thilius smashed his fist through the crucifix, shattering it to smithereens, and caught Faira as he fell into his arms.

"I'm taking you home. Don't argue with me."

Faira didn't have to.


The Kaplanites are flight beings that have been cursed by removing their powers of flight because they have committed a crime long time ago, and they believe by devouring 1000 unborn fetuses, it would break the curse, and Kalana apparently was the 1000th they were looking for. Bad idea.

Faira was caught by the archangels for fraternizing with Thilius (that was during the beginning of their relationship) and was going to be punished by being obliterated, until Thilius steps in and rescues him. This caused him to become a cast away and a wandering spirit along with Thilius (who was cast out by the Devil)

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