Saturday, September 28, 2013

100 List Challenge: Seeking Solace

The Crying Traveler
Nakh watched as his son slowly fell into slumber. He removed the coffin that he carried on his back and put it right beside him. As always, he would talk his cherry that was kept inside that coffin.

"It's been 6 months since you're gone. I've been going everywhere trying to look for some loophole to bring you back, but I couldn't...I couldn't find anyone reliable enough to help me. They all disappointed me...

"Kita has changed as well. I never really seen him face to face, only from afar, ever since you died, and he's no longer the same anymore. He hates everybody. He's distant. Rai couldn't get through to him. Not even his twins could...I feel so bad for all this...I feel like it's my fault he's this way...

"I can't do this alone...I can't carry on like this...Without you, I..."

Nakh broke into tears, like he always did.

"You're my only solace, cherry, my only one..."


Love of the Damned
"If Judgement Day comes, will you still love me?" Thilius asked on an autumn sunset.

"Yes, of course, Thili," Faira replied. He was used to questions like these.

"If the Dark Lord turns me back to the way I was, will you still love me?"


"If I betrayed you, will you still love me?"


"If I killed you on that Day, will you still love me?"

"Yes, Thili, forever."

That was all the solace the demon needed.

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