Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Dying

The Crying Traveler
Nakh cried until he could cry no more. His blood stained everywhere he laid as the incisions on the body hurt him so bad that his body was numb.

He had been out in the sun and rain with no food and water for 4 days now. The sun baked him and burnt his skin, while the rain soaked him and stung his wounds. No matter how he struggled, he couldn't get out of the confines he was in.

And the worst part was before he was subjected to the slow torture of the sharp daggers that cut through every vital part of him that led the most, he had to watch Nara die a slow, painful death.

Soon, he could hear muffled footsteps coming towards him. They were standing in front of the sunlight, so the shadows covered their faces and he couldn't see.

"Is he drained yet?"

One of them knelt down to check his vitals.

"Almost. I think another couple of days should do the job."

"So be it."

As they walked away, Nakh wished he had to voice to beg those people to just put him out of his misery


Love of the Damned
"Is it time?"

Faira knelt beside him and took his hand.

"Yes, it's almost time. The Lord is calling for you."

"Is it alright if I ask of you a favour."

"Anything," Faira nodded. "Just name it"

"Will you help me tell my son 'I'm sorry', and pass him 'that item' for me?"

Faira nodded, tears clung to his eyelashes.

"You have been a really great friend, Faira Essex, or whatever your name is. You made an old man very happy."

"And you made my life as a wandering spirit very worthwhile."

"I hope...The Lord...will...forgive you...soon..." the old man sighed as he closed his eyes for eternity. Faira closed his as well, feeling his spirit leaving peacefully in the hands of a familiar presence.

"I hope so too, Grandpa Thomas."



At the Nakh-Kal side, this is an age-old practice in Nakh's clan, especially when twins are born.

Originally Nakh had a twin brother named Nara'Tashka Hadurakh whom he shared a very close bond with. But like every family who gives birth to twins, in their tradition, in order to make better and stronger fighting machines (especially when they are at constant war with land giants aka Blue-Eyed Giants for territory), they must sacrifice the younger twin, imprison the soul while it is still in its rage and strap down the elder twin before slashing their vital parts (but not so deep until they die immediately) and make them bleed until they are drained enough to merge the younger twin's soul into the elder twin's body.

So whenever there is war, it would trigger the rage of the second soul and send them into battle mode, so basically Nakh and many other twin warriors who went through the ritual have a sort of dual personality.

Both Nakh and Nara know that they share the same body, and both of them are in love with Kal, so whenever something happens that make Nakh jealous of Kal, Nara's personality would surface and beat the crap out of the person who dares to even think of hitting on his wife.

In the Thili-Fai scene, Fai was a volunteer worker at an old folks home and his particular favourite was Grandpa Thomas who dying of Parkinson disease. His son abandoned him when he was in his mid-30s because he didn't support his son being a musician, but later regrets when his son really made it out pretty good in music yet was too proud to admit that his son was right.

"The item" that he wanted Fai to give his son after his death was his son's first musical instrument that started his music career: his toy piano that he had liked listening his son play when he was a young boy.

When Fai came to break the news to Grandpa Thomas' son about his death, his son didn't particular feel upset about it, stating that "he deserved it", but when Fai presented him the toy piano and told him his father's last words, the son couldn't control his tears from falling as he hugged the toy.

The son, along with his band members, attended the funeral the following week

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