Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Foreign

The Crying Traveler
Everyone in the village gathered at the assembly field to listen to an announcement by their Prince.

On the rock stage, there stood Prince Kitakaze, his husband Rai with their newborn twins Kito and Raito, his elder brother Kyo and his nephew Kiba sitting on a huge giant of the Red-Eyed clan with a baby in his hands.

"My people," Kita called out to his fellow citizens. "This giant before is named Nakh'Tushka Hadurakh. He has saved my life when I was in labour and had been a great help helping me giving birth to my cubs. With that, I owe him my life.

"From now on, he and his family will be part of this clan. You will treat him and protect him as such. Whoever betrays his trust will be sent to the Dark Caves. Understood?"

Everyone agreed, even if it meant half-heartedly. Their prince's orders were ultimate. No one is allowed to question it. They trust his judgements to do the right thing.

Even if it means accepting a foreign creature as their own


Love of the Damned
"Come on, eat up, guys."

Thili and Fai eyed at the foreign item displayed in front of them for their consumption. They have seen mortals eat them, but never really eaten any (demons and angels never required to eat, anyway) and they didn't know what to do with it.

"Come on, guys, it's just pancakes and orange juice," Luke coaxed casually. "And there's maple syrup and chocolate cream if you want more taste on it. Go on, try it. Even wandering spirits get hungry once in a while. I promise you, if mortals can eat them, so can you."

Fai and Thili shrugged and decided to give it a shot. Besides, what they've got to lose?



The smiley guy that I'm sure you've seen occasionally in my other list is named Luke Kiaran Featherworth. He's human, but apparently he was born with a sixth sense. He was raised in a family who specialize in exorcism.

Thili and Fai met when they were helping him rid a haunting at a nearby school gym. He took them in and got them their modelling job before they earned enough to get back on our feet n have their own home. Exorcism is like his side income thing.

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