Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Vacation

The Crying Traveler
Spring is here, and when there's spring, there's the Spring Festival.

Which is why Nakh & family and Kita & family are out at the Kitsune Mura checking out the sights and celebrations there is.

For Nakh and Kal, this was the best vacation ever


Love of the Damned
"I'm so glad we're on this cruise. We really need to get away from that work place."

Thilius couldn't agree more. Being hounded everyday to pose for pictures for various magazines and attending one fashion show after another was taking a toll on them, even for a demon and an angel.

"Thili, since we're on this ship, can we do that scene?"

"Fai, you know better than to follow such childish movies. Besides the Titanic didn't happen like that in the movies. We were there when it happened, remember?"

"Yeah, I know," Fai giggled. "But it's rather romantic for mortals to think of such beautiful scenario for a tragedy like this. Who knows? Maybe it did happen. It's just that we weren't at the scene."

"You and your fantasies," Thilius rolled his eyes.

"Please~ :heart:I always wanted to do this. Please~"

Thilius groaned in defeat. He could never resist when Fai starts begging.

"Oh, alright."

Picking Fai up and putting him carefully outside the railing, he held his waist and Fai proceeded to hold up his hands.

"Oh, Thilius, I'm flying~!"

Thilius chuckled. Another trait he loved about his little angel.



Spring Festival happens every beginning of the season, and this is the time where Kita's clan would pay a visit to their distant cousins, the kitsune-s in Kitsune Mura chose to retain their fox nature rather than evolve into Kita's kind. Of course, they didn't expect this year to have a human and a giant to join in the festivities

If you're wondering, yes, Thilius and Faira was there during the Titanic incident. In my version, they were there to enjoy the cruise when suddenly demons in search of quota for souls saw it as a opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, killing millions during the tragedy.

Of course, Thili and Fai were too late to stop the incident as they came by surprise, and they had to pretend to be the remaining survivors of the tragedy even though the cold didn't really affect them enough to kill them.

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