Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Sorrow

The Crying Traveler
Nakh dropped everything that he held in his hand as he saw the sight before him.

Kalana was totally naked, bathed in blood from head to toe, coming out of the wounds that spelt death. In his one arm he held his crying son Elly in a death grip. His other hand that held Melly tight was hacked off and Melly was nowhere in sight.


Nakh fell on his knees and took Elly out of his arm. Elly sobbed, totally oblivious to the fact that his body was covered with his mother's blood. Nakh's hands trembled as he hugged Kal's mutilated lifeless body in his arms in disbelief.

Feeling the sorrow he had never ever felt, he let out a scream of agony.


Love of the Damned
"We are gathered here today to witness the passing of our dear sister..."

The priest read his eulogy as everyone solemnly watched. Thomas knelt before the coffin sobbing his eyes out, not acknowledging Faira who was trying to comfort him.

Everyone else were either solemn or sobbing silently as the priest finished his eulogy and proceeded to start the burial rites while the choir sang the Amazing Grace.

In that sorrowful night, the sky soon rained heaven's tears...



My heart literally clenched when I drew and coloured this. Kalana had suffered a brutal death. He was first raped and sodomized by the men who were sent to kill him disregarding the fact that his children were watching, then they mutilated him with whatever weapon they had until he died, but all the while Kalana protected his children in his arms.

The men, as soon as he was dead, tried to pry Kal's arm hugging Elly and hand that held Melly's wrists tightly but couldn't coz it was a death grip. But they had to bring something to show as proof that they've killed Kalana, so, thinking Elly wouldn't survive after giving him a blow on the head, they hacked off Kal's hand that held Melly and took the poor child kicking and screaming with them.

In Thili and Fai scene, the person being buried was a girlfriend of one of their colleagues. She worked as a caterer in an exclusive 5-star restaurant and often catered for the company under their restaurant discount, and somehow ended up falling in love with their colleague, but one day on her way to cater food to them, she became a hit-and-run victim. She died on the way to the hospital.

Thanks to Faira and Thilius' powers, they managed to catch the culprit.

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