Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Dreams

The Crying Traveler
Qwena stole a look at the sleeping father and son. Elly slept with his arms wide open and Nakh was sleeping sideways, having Elly possessively close to his middle.

But that was not what fascinated her.

What was interesting was the facial expression Nakh had on when he was asleep.

It was a small smile of contentment, with a single tear trickling down his face.

Qwena opened her inner eye and saw that Nakh was dreaming of himself staring at a Mundockian man nestled snugly on a branch of a tree, and them looking so happy together as they proceeded to share a kiss.

"You must really miss him, don't you?" Qwena whispered quietly.


Love of the Damned
Faira and Thilius kissed each other good night before snuggling in each other's arms and fell asleep.

Technically, demons and angels don't really require sleep, but since they're living the life of mortals, they gone accustomed to having the usual shut-eye

And each dreams to their own.



Qwena is a Sightseer who can see other people's dreams and enter them whenever situation needs it and manipulates it, mostly to convey important messages the dreamer needs to know.

She was a runaway bride because of an arranged marriage, but Nakh convinced her to go back and marry the groom because they found out he had fallen ill trying to search for her and even though she never met him, he knew a lot about her enough to know that he had truly, madly and deeply fallen in love with her.

Poor Nakh. He misses Kal so much that he sees him in dreams, but at least it was a comfort that in dreams, he was alive.

Fai's dreaming of having the perfect date with Thili while Thili...well, you know what horny demons dream of

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