Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: No Time

The Crying Traveler
Kalana cried as another contraction hit him. Hard.

"Come on, Kal," Kita urged. "You have to push!"

"I want...Nakh...! I need Nakh~!!!"

"There is no time, Kal. The baby wants out. You'll have to do this without him."

"We're here, Uncle Girl-Girl. Elly and I are here," Kiba coaxed. "We'll help you go through this."

"See?" Kita smiled. "You're not alone at all. Come on, Kal. Do this for Nakh. For me, your old friend."

Tearful but reassured, Kal began pushing.


Love of the Damned
The bell rang, signifying German class was over. Faira and Thilius made a rush for it.

"Come on, Thili. We don't have much time! Luke is waiting for us booking us a spot for the modelling try-outs!"

"Can't you see I'm trying to put on my damn shoes?! Why do we even have to go to this language class anyway? I can speak perfect German! So do you!"

"Yeah, but we still need to show a diploma paper for it, or the mortals won't accept our application."

Thilius rolled his eyes. The things he had to put up with to live in the mortal world

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