Friday, September 27, 2013

The Crying Traveller: The Giants

This is basically how the Mountain Giants aka Red Eye Giants and the Land Giants aka Blue Eye Giants look like

Mountain Giants are born with Red Eyes and are usually dark-haired. Because of their lifestyle on the mountains, they have powerful lungs and longer endurance with stronger stamina as they climbed and trekked mountains and hills almost everyday. They are more civilized and fight with weapons. Their lifestyle can be a little bit compared to the Spartans where the best and strongest child will be brought up to join the forces of war, but of course, they do not practice Spartans' style in killing babies that are weak and deformed. They would be rendered to the regular middle class or lower class citizens

Land Giants are savage and wild, live only to pillage, conquer and own as much land as they could, even though they know mountain atmosphere does not suit their lifestyle. The irony was that though they behave like savages, they are very beautiful. Most of them are born with light-coloured hair but tan skin because of their exposure to the sun, and all are born with blue eyes. For them, they prefer to rely on brute strength, claws and fangs to fight rather than weapons, but they do not shun weapons altogether. Their life style can be compared to African tribes, except a bit more on the wild side

Here is Drui'Dakh Hadurakh or known to everyone as Druid. He is Nakh's father and the second in command of the warlord troops alongside with Nakh's 'grandmother' Gulukh Lura-Hadurakh.

Druid is known to everyone as the best warlord of the entire Red Eye clan and can overpower an army of 1,000 people with just his strength alone, and with a sword he can lay waste an entire city. That's because it was attributed to his father Yuth'mai Hadurakh, who, wishing that he gets the strongest warlord for a son, secretly made a blood pact with a Valkyrie to offer his soul in exchange for a son he wished he had. As soon as he impregnated his 'wife' and the moment he witnessed Druid's birth, the Valkyrie came to claim his soul as promised.

Gulukh, torn by this, vowed over Yuth'mai's dead body to train Druid into perfection and ruled the warlord troop with the strictest cruelty. Everyone in the troops, and all over the clan, feared and respected both Druid and Gulukh and would never dare cross them.

Gui'Maie Sewe' is Nakh's mother and Druid's wife. He is also known to many as Gui or Maie.

Gui is the son of a weapons-maker and a half-breed. During one of the many wars between the Red Eye and the Blue Eye Giants, Gui's mother became a prisoner of war, and in the Blue Eye's custody, he was raped by one of the Blue Eye guards there. After Gui's mother was rescued, many urged him to abort the child, but Gui's mother refused, saying regardless the origins, a child is still a child.

Thus, when Gui was born, only Gui's mother's younger brother was willing to help him with the birth and Gui was born with one red eye and one blue eye, revealing his heritage as a half-breed. He was bullied for that and never had friends, thus making him very anti-social and a little violent because of years of trying to defend himself from being bullied.

Here are Nakh's parents Druid and Gui. Don't be mistaken. Gui is not human. He's just a little smaller than Druid because he is not under the warlord category.

The meeting between Druid and Gui is most peculiar. Druid just so happen to go down to search for Gui's mother to see if there were any new supply of weapons made when he saw a large orchard behind Gui's home. It is a surprise to him because usually weapon makers do not grow stuff, but make weapons. He didn't know that the orchard was done by Gui who have no interest in weapons-making and have no intention of taking up the trade his 'mother' took on.

Druid went into the orchard and plucked one of the fruits there, surprised that it tasted much better than any other fruits he had ever eaten in the marketplace. Gui thought he was an intruder and went all out kamikaze mode trying to kill him with a garden scythe. Of course, Druid, being the warlord, easily dodged it and even though Gui's mother scolded Gui for attacking a warlord, a love-hate relationship began to form between Gui and Druid.

Druid learned about Gui's past as a half-breed and his tendency to be violent and anti-social, and knew that despite having the best fruits of all the clan, Gui being as he is, no one wanted to buy anything from him. So Druid decided to buy in bulk from him to feed the troops, trying to get everyone to see Gui's better side, and also train Gui a little bit of the war ways to help Gui better defend himself from bullies. Gui at first want to have nothing to do with him except for the orchard business, but as time went by, Gui slowly developed feelings for him, as did Druid.

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