Sunday, September 29, 2013

100 List Challenge: Fortitude

The Crying Traveler
Kalana held Elly tight in his one arm while keeping Melly behind him with the other as his clansmen closed in on him, forcing him against a dead end.

"If you dare touch my babies, I swear I'll..."

"Such fortitude," the group leader sneered as he brandished his spear. "You have committed the most heinous crimes against our clan and you dare threaten us?"

"Do whatever you want with me, but I will never go back to Thar and I will not give my babies to you!" Kal yelled, holding his crying children tight.

"Then you shall all die."


Love of the Damned
Thilius struggled to get up, his body bruised and battered. He was definitely no match against the archangel's weapon.

"You have committed crimes against humanity long enough. Now let me send you back to your fiery hell where you belong."

Before he could stab him, Faira suddenly appeared in front of him, shielding Thilius. The archangel held back enough to let the sword stop between the angel's eyes.

"Move away, Faira. He must die."

"No," Faira refused. "The Lord urged us to behave on compassion and forgiveness. Are you not practicing what He preaches?"

"The Lord also urges us to behave without bias-ness. Besides, demons like him do not deserve compassion. You have done enough by engaging a forbidden relationship with him--Don't think I don't know about it--and if you move away, I might persuade the Lord to look away and give you ablution."

"Get the hell away, Faira!" Thilius shouted at Faira. "I never asked you to save me! I can help myself!"

Faira ignored Thilius, facing directly at the archangel.

"I will not let you kill my beloved."

The archangel drew away his sword and picked Faira by the robe with his superhuman strength, glaring coldly at him.

"Your fortitude will be your damnation."



In the Nakh and Kal scene, after "Misfortune", Kita had forced Kal's clan to accept a pact in which they will not pursue Kal and that they wash their hands off him and Nakh and leave them under Kita's care. Kal's clan, utterly embarassed by their defeat, vowed secretly to get back at them one day and reclaim the honour of the clan.

Two year later, after Kal gave birth to Melliath 3 months after his miscarriage (naming him in honour of the baby that they've lost), the clan broke the pact and came after Kal and the kids when they were out to buy clothes for the coming winter, ambushing them, thus led to the death of Kal...

The scene in Thili and Fai happened before "Break Away"

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