Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Eyes

The Crying Traveler
Nakh and Kita ran towards the direction of Shuu and Kal, afraid that something bad might happen.

Only to find them making out like there was no one in the world that could bother them.

"Hey! You bastard!" Nakh shouted. "Get away from my 'wife'!"

"Your 'wife'?" Shuu glanced sideways at them. "He's my wife. Aren't you, Kal?"

"Yes," Kal replied huskily. "I would never marry a crude giant like him. It's taboo, after all."

"What are you saying, Kal?! Snap out of it!" Kita shouted. "Nakh's your husband! You have a kid with him..."

"I had no kids with anyone, ever!"

As Kal turned to spat his rage at them, Nakh and Kal were shocked at the crimson eyes that glared venomously at them.

Those were not Kal's eyes.


Love of the Damned
Amethyst and Gabrielle gathered together with Thilius at the cafeteria, wanting to know more of the new blood.

"So how come I've never seen you around? Are you new around the block?"

"You got any girlfriends? Wanna hang out with us tonight? Today is Bar Night Saturday. Everyone in the agency always go to bars and have a drink on Saturday. It's tradition."

"Well, I would definitely not say no to such pretty ladies like you."

As he said that he felt eyes watching him. Glancing towards that direction, he saw Faira looking at him for one moment before looking away, a sliver of moisture clung in his eyes.

Dammit, he thought.



Shuu is sort of like a winged creature of the night who had a liking towards Kal when he nursed him back to health after finding him barely alive face down in the river. Jealous that Kal was Nakh's 'wife', he decided to use his magic on him by feeding him doubts into his mind about him and Nakh's relationship.

Every doubt he planted on his head erased part of Kal's memories about Nakh until he was fully taken in by his spell, thus the red eyes. Of course, Nakh and Kita comes to the rescue with Nakh tearing off Shuu's wings in rage and Kita banishing Shuu out of the clan.

For Thilius-wise, technically all demons are bisexual. Thilius is of no exception, but he is dominantly leaning more towards gay than bisexual, though that doesn't stop him from flirting with girls and reading Playboy and watching straight porn from time to time.

Of course he always feels bad afterwards for flirting with the ladies because he knows despite Faira being an angel and all forgiving, he still had feelings, two of them being jealousy and sadness.

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