Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Tower

The Crying Traveler
"Look, Nakh! I'm so high up here!"

Nakh chuckled at the sight of Kal sticking his head out of the window of the abandoned tower.

"You're always high up when you're on my shoulder anyway."

"Yeah, but this is different. I'm standing face to face with you."

Nakh shook his head and smiled weakly.

As long as his cherry's happy, he's happy.


Love of the Damned
Thilius the demon and Faira the angel stood in front of the derelict tower. Both of them were wary as to what would happen once they went inside.

"You won't die on me, right, Fai?"

"Only if you die on me, Thili."

"Good. Let's go in."



In Nakh-Kal scene, it is just one of their many adventures together while they're eloping and running from Kal's clansmen's pursuit.

In Thili-Fai scene, they are actually paying a visit to a Herald, who is a sort of special human that has both the power of a demon and an angel.


In the past, to provide equality amongst humans, demons and angels so as to avoid the apocalypse, there had been a lost tribe somewhere in the depths of Rome that practice an ancient rituals in which they will select a religious virgin human woman (preferably a nun) to be merged physically and spiritually with her guardian angel that was sent to her since birth, then made her lie naked on a sort of demonic inscription to let a demon have its way with her.

As soon as she get impregnated they would put her in an isolation room where they would chain her to the ground in the middle of the room and treat her as much as possible throughout the pregnancy because her human body would have to struggle to keep up with the angel and demon essence that are fighting to equalize each other. The chaining is to prevent her from ramming into walls with her temporary superhuman strength whenever she gets a seizure.

During birth, she would strapped onto a crucifix with her legs spread wide open and a midwife will attend to the birth surrounded by nuns and monks praying for her soul. Death was inevitable after birth, of course, but the child would be born with one white wing and one black wing, and they will be the ones to watch over the world and maintain balance so as to ask in favour of God to not proceed with Judgement Day.

This practice was lost through time, but the children born from this ritual are still alive and immortal, and they would all gather and stay together in that tower watching over the world for its equality. They call themselves the Herald and packs a really mean punch if they have to in order to keep the clan together

As usual, the Lord saw it as an abomination and as a direct opposition towards His plans for Judgement Day, so an archangel was sent to see Faira and given this mission if he wanted to get back to the Lord's good graces.

Of course, after a long fight and facing off two last Heralds (a pair of lovers), they found out that all the Heralds wanted was to save humanity from apocalypse in their own way and they have never harmed a soul whatsoever in their quest. Thili and Fai were prepared to let them go, but the archangel appeared to finish the job, saying that the Lord's words are final and should not be questioned

Chyeah...I know. I'm a sucker for making all sorts of stories and crazy rituals, ain't I?

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