Sunday, September 29, 2013

100 List Challenge: Memories

The Crying Traveler
"Daddy? Was Mommy in pain when he gave birth to me?"

It was one of those days where Ellokh aka Elly wanted to know more about his late mother.

"Well, he did suffer a little, but it was all worth it."

"Tell me about my birth, Daddy."

"One thing about your birth," Nakh started, "was that you were very keen to come out. In fact, you were so keen to come out, that the Wood Nymphs had to deliver you in the middle of the jungle.

"Your Mommy screamed and screamed and screamed, and was bleeding everywhere. He almost died coz of the loss of blood. But he was fine and all was well. We carried both you and your Mommy to the Wood Nymph's sanctuary and they tend to him while they let me carry you. And I have to admit, you were the most beautiful gift we could ever receive."

"When we find Mommy, I wanna thank him to giving birth to me," Elly stated.

"Good boy."


Love of the Damned
What do you remember about yourself?

That was the first thing the man on stage asked while he delivered his motivational speech on "Rediscovering Yourselves"

Not that Thilius and Faira wanted to join, but since it was funded by the company, they had to go.

It wasn't that their memories were that bad about themselves, it's just not suitable for this timeline. Faira's memories were of being in Heaven his whole life while Thilius' memories were of how he ended up becoming the servant of Hell.

Each to its own.



Faira has been an angel of Creation since the dawn of time (seriously), creating life forms and greeting new souls who are worthy to cross through the gates of Heaven before he was rendered a wandering spirit. Nothing much went down on him. He was never mortal, always an angel from the start.

Thilius, on the other hand, has been a demon for more than 400 years. When he was alive and mortal, he was abandoned as a baby at Amarni (his foster father) doorsteps on a cold winter's night. Seeing that no one came to claim him, Amarni raised him as his own, giving him his name.

Their relationship soon developed into a secret taboo bond (like the yaoi anime "Papa to Kiss in the Dark"), but times were hard back then, and soon Amarni caught pneumonia and was dying. Desperate to save his life, Thilius prayed to gods of all religion and somehow summoned a demon. In exchange for his beloved Armani's health, he was to serve Hell for all eternity.

Thilius agreed and Armani was soon healthy again, but didn't think that he would die 10 years later when a carriage ran into him (you know demons, always having a way to fulfill a person's contract). A deal was a deal, and soon all bonds of mortality was cut as Thilius slowly grew into a deadly demon, that is before he met Faira though

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