Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Trouble Lurking

The Crying Traveler
"Is the roast done, Daddy?"

"Almost," Nakh replied, checking the deer that they caught. After a few more moments, he took it off the fire and said, "Yup, it's done."

"It's been a while since we had a decent catch, Daddy," Elly commented. "This deer is fine."

"Most definitely," Nakh agreed, tearing off a piece of the meat. "Here, eat up. We earned it."

"Thanks, Daddy."

Unbeknownst to them, there was someone lurking, eyeing them hungrily, but not on the meat. On them.


Love of the Damned
"Everybody all ready?" Gareth aka The Boss asked.

"Yup!" everyone announced.

"Alright! Let's get moving!"

Everyone got ready, with Faira fussing nervously about whether the clothes he was wearing straight or not. As they carried on towards the backstage, someone watched them from behind, eyeing Thilius with a vengeance.

Faira is mine. Mine and mine alone.



The scene for Nakh and Elly was that Nakh and Elly were on the road again in their search for Kal and Melly. It was a mysterious thing, because one moment, Nakh was holding the coffin that contained Kal's body and the next moment, it was gone. Nakh almost went crazy looking for the body, but after calming down some, he added Kal in the list of people-searching.

Melly was gone a long time ago and them on the road was mainly to search for him, because when the clansmen killed Kalana, they tried to pry him away from holding Elly tight in his arms but couldn't coz he held the child in a death grip. Deciding that the boy would be left for death anyway, they kidnapped Melly and took him with them. When Nakh went to retrieve Melly before killing the whole clan, he was nowhere to be found amongst them. So the search began.

The one eyeing them hungrily was a man from a lost civilization of cannibals and they look like the best meal he had ever seen in a very long while

For Thili and Fai scene, Gareth is always known as The Boss among the models because despite the fact that he was a very well-reknown fashion designer, he goes around with a cone loud-speaker in his hand and always dressed as if he was in the beach directing a movie.

The person eyeing them is Majah, a fallen angel who had somehow fallen in love with Faira and knew of him and Thilius' true identity when he saw them in a winter fashion show. In my version, fallen angels are pagans when they were alive and refused to enter either the gates of Heaven or Hell, wandering Earth for all eternity until Judgement Day.

He vowed to steal Faira from Thilius with whatever it takes and he actually crashed the fashion show, announcing it in national television that he would challenge Thilius to a duel to win Faira's affection.

Of course, he was no match for Thilius the demon, but still didn't quell his desire to own Faira. He works as a doctor in a private clinic near Thili and Fai's home area

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