Sunday, September 29, 2013

100 List Challenge: Gray

The Crying Traveler
Kiba, Elly and the twins Kito and Raito were stuck in the middle of the gray fog.

"Darn it, I should've asked the village idiot to come along with us. He maybe stupid, but he's an adult and he has better sense of direction."

"What are we gonna do, Kiba nii-chan?" Elly asked worriedly.

"Just stay close," Kiba ordered, "and don't lose sight of the twins."

Unbeknownst to them, a pair of gleaming eyes were right behind them in the fog, waiting for an opportune time to strike.


Love of the Damned
Faira came out of the showers and saw Thilius looking at something. He came close to him.

"What are you looking at, love?"

"Just an old picture I managed to salvage through the rubble."

Faira leaned in and saw it was a grayish picture of a child kissing a young man (probably in his late 20's) at a carnival.

"Who're they?"

"That's me," Thilius said, pointing at the child. "before I was a demon. And the man is Armani, my father."

"Wow! That's you??" Faira was surprised. "I didn't know you used to be mortal! How did you managed to get this picture?"

"Not easy. This picture was really way back when carnivals were starting to become popular. I had to look through all photo albums in the public library and hunted down every veteran I could think of that might be still alive and worked as a photographer in the carnival.

"I finally tracked down the current carnival owner who owns the carnival I went to during that timeline and, under the pretense that I was doing a study paper of carnivals through the ages, the carnival owner showed me some pictures and I soon found this. Luckily he was kind enough to let me have it, among other photos as well."

"Tell me about Armani," Faira said. "Tell me your life when you were mortal."

"Well, it all started when..."



The Nakh & Kal scene is where Kiba brought Elly and the twins into one of his adventures and ended up lost in the fog where the legendary Fog Bog would appear to devour anyone trapped in his territory.

I can't help feeling Thilius when he was a kid look sooooooooooo cute here. Of course, I created this inspired by the yaoi anime "Papa to Kiss in the Dark".

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