Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Family

The Crying Traveler

Elly jumped onto Nakh, giggling as he went. Kal, who was holding Melly, smiled at the sight.

"Careful, Elly. Don't fall or make Daddy fall."

"Oh, he's alright," Nakh replied as he gave his son a noogie. "You're a tiger, aren't you? You can handle your own, can't you?"

"Nya~!" Elly giggled, trying to get away from the noogie.

It was truly a family moment.


Love of the Damned
"Alright, guys, get ready in the photo."

Thilius and Faira stood in front of the heart-shaped background, ready for their family picture.

"OK, just wait a moment," the photographer said. "I need to double-check the camera."

"You wanna go to Daddy, Damien? You wanna go to Daddy?" Fai asked as they waited.

Damien cooed and leaned towards Thilius. Thilius chuckled and held his hand out for his son when...


"Sorry to startle you," the photographer said. "It was just a test. OK, let's take the real thing now.!"


When the pictures came out a week later, guess which photo was put up on the frame of their little Damien's wall?

The test photo, of course.



How did Fai and Thili have a kid? Nope, not adoption. Through miraculous mpreg methods, of course!

Fai and Thili always wanted children because despite being able to impregnate humans, demons and angels cannot impregnate their kind or each other. They have considered adoption, but it just didn't feel right somehow.

Until Fai's old friend Gloria came in with the Cradle of Life that can help Fai get pregnant, but it was a one-shot deal. Once the Cradle of Life was taken out from the Heavens, it becomes mortal property, so the other angels wouldn't be able to have any use for it even if they retrieve it back. Of course, Thili and Fai didn't hesitate to try, and 9 months later, Damien was born.

It came with a high price though, because to steal the Cradle of Life was to betray God, so Gloria, seconds after handing the Cradle of Life to Fai, was erased into oblivion.

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