Sunday, September 29, 2013

100 List Challenge: Misfortune

The Crying Traveler
"Push, Kalana-san."

Kalana sobbed and shook his head. He didn't want to do this. He didn't want to lose this baby.

"Please, Nakh...Please make her stop telling that..."

"I'm sorry, cherry, but she's right," Nakh said tearfully. "It's too late. We can't save it anymore."

"Please, Kalana-san," the midwife urged. "You have to push it out or you will get an infection and die as well."

"Listen to her, Kal," Rai persuaded, comforting the sobbing Kita beside him.

Seeing that there was no choice, Kalana pushed ever so slightly. The dead fetus slid straight out and into the midwife's arms.

"Do you want to know your baby's gender?" the midwife tried to offer.

Kalana just shook his head and wailed in Nakh's arms. The midwife and her assistants sadly took the dead fetus away. Kita sobbed even more. Elly cried in Kiba's arms.

It was a sad moment for everyone


Love of the Damned
Faira let out a cry as he sat abruptly on the floor. Thilius heard the thud and rushed to him, tried to pick him up.

"What's wrong, Fai? Something..."

Thilius' voice trailed away as he looked up to see the naked form that was Natasha. She was hanging on the ceiling fan, her lifeless body dangling to and fro. One look at her pale blue face and her rolled up eyes told them they were too late.

"Damn it...Damn it, Natasha, we're so close to a breakthrough...!" Thilius cursed as he held the tearful Faira. "Why did you have to do this?!"

Faira could only let out whimper after whimper.



The scene with Nakh and Kalana was an RP scene I did with Akari-Jaganashi with his OC Kitakaze. Apparently after relentless pursuit by Kal's clan because of his taboo relationship with Nakh, they finally caught up with them when they're hiding out at Kita's hometown. By far, out of the hideouts they been, Kita's clan has been the most hospitable and longest running place they've stayed.

When pregger Kal (with their second child) and pregger Kita (with quads) were out fishing and mulberry-hunting, Kal's clan ambushed them and one of them stabbed Kal's belly. Kal survived and Kita had an all out war which forced Kita's clan to have an agreement that they would never pursue them ever again (thanks to Kita and Nakh's brute force), but the stab killed the baby within Kal and that became Kal's first miscarriage ever.

For Thili & Fai's side, during this timeline, they worked as councelling teacher (Thili) and school doctor (Fai) in a high school where they had a special student who always comes in with bruises on the body and was a problem child in school.

They both find out that she was an abused child both physically and sexually by her own parents who had a sick twisted form of expressing love. After long months of councelling and secretly using their powers to rescue her from the life of misery, she slowly healed and was beginning to behave like a normal kid again.

But one day, when she suddenly didn't show up at school, Thili and Fai decided to investigate. When they came to her house, they found her naked and hanging on the ceiling fan, with fresh wounds and bruises on her body.

Apparently, somehow her parents who had been held in custody until their sentencing commences bribed someone to let them out of custody in the pretense of "reconciling and apologizing to their baby", only to exact their revenge by abusing her physically and sexually again before becoming a fugitive. Traumatized, Natasha couldn't take it anymore and ended her own life

Fai had no objections this time when Thili decided to end the parents' life in the most painful way possible...

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