Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Stripes

The Crying Traveler
Elly and Kiba are painting the wall of the eccentric old fox Kuroi for extra cash to buy a bed set for their future bedroom. They know their parents can afford to help them, but they rather earn it with their own effort.

"Why of all people did you pick him?" Elly groaned.

"Sorry, anata. But he is the richest fox in the whole clan."

"Why stripes anyways? It's so hard to do."

"You just keep a steady hand on the markers I've made, it should be alright...Look out!"

Too late.

Elly tripped on the can of paint and fell headlong towards the ground, the stripe coming down with him. Elly groaned, feeling like he just fell from the cliff.

"You OK, anata?" Kiba asked worriedly.

"I hate stripes."


Love of the Damned
Everyone in school, mainly the boys, were literally dressed to kill. They were all dressed differently but with one thing in common: they were all striped.

"Dang, what's the occasion?" One girl asked another.

"Haven't you heard? The boys have been following the latest trend set by the Rogue magazines to impress us girls."

"You don't mean..."

"Yup, the King and Prince of Models: Faira Essex and Thilius Broadway has dunnit again."



The things kids do for money for their future, eh? Kuroi is one of the aristocrats in Kita's clan, but also the most eccentric, and his latest love was of stripes, so he requested Elly and Kiba who are doing odd jobs for their newly home to paint his garden wall with stripes for Elly! Of course, Kuroi may be eccentric, but he's harmless. After the job was done, he paid them quite a handsome sum. They were able to afford a nice canopy bed.

Thili and Fai are called the King and Prince of Models respectively, and whatever they wear in Rogue, a men's fashion magazine, the men wouldn't hesitate to follow their trend like it was God's word in order to catch the girls' attention (since fashion fad girls crazy about these two guys). LOL!

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