Monday, September 30, 2013

100 List Challenge: Sport

The Crying Traveler
"There it is! Get it!!"

Everyone made a run for it towards the winged white rabbit, brandishing their nets. Everyone was really intent to get it, one way or another. Some worked solo, like Kal, Nakh, Kita, Rai and Kyo, while others work as a team, like Elly with Kiba and Melly with the twins Kito and Raito.

All of them wanted to have their life-long wish fulfilled on this occasion that only happens once every 5 years.

The rabbit, seeing the crowd, knew the drill and took to its heels.


Love of the Damned
Amethyst came into the office with all smiles.

"I just got a copy of the sports ad for the Health Campaign you did."

"Really?" Thilius grinned. "Let's have it."

As Amethyst played the DVD, Faira blushed at one scene.

"Why am I deliberately in slow-mo, and showing off my mid-riffs like that?"

"I think it looks sexy," Thilius teased, making Faira blush even more.

"You guys are so sweet," Amethyst cooed. "I wish I have this kind of relationship with a nice guy."

"There's always Gabrielle."

That earned the laughing demon a slap on the shoulder by the seething blonde.



The winged white rabbit they're chasing in the Nakh-Kal scene is called the Ingus, The Lord of the Rabbits. It appears every 5 years to search for a mate among the regular rabbits and as soon as it's done mating, it will die a few months later. Such is their life span.

The Ingus also has the power to grant people one wish. So the year before the Ingus appears, every household in Kita's clan would go and look for fertile female rabbits as mates for the Ingus (because the Ingus is always a male) and the following year, they hide out and wait for the Ingus to appear. When it does, they come out and and start chasing after it. Whoever catches it will be lucky enough to keep it and let it mate with their female rabbit and grant the person's wish before it dies. When the female rabbit gives birth, one or two out of the litter would be born an Ingus and the person must release it into the wild, and the cycle continues.

This tradition has been carrying on ever since before Kita was born, and the Ingus instinctively have an understanding that everyone will compete fair and square for its power to grant wishes and in return, present it with the best fertile female rather than having to search for one. So automatically, it will start running when it sees a crowd with nets, but won't struggle to escape when it is caught.

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