Sunday, September 29, 2013

100 List Challenge: Questioning

The Crying Traveler
"What's Elly doing, Uncle Girl-Girl?"

Kalana looked up from his breastfeeding to see Kiba looking at him with wondering eyes.

"I'm giving little Elly milk," Kal replied. "He's hungry."

"Oh. Like what Oka-san does to me?"

"Yeah, I'm sure you grew up drinking Mom's milk."

"How are babies born?"

"Eh?" Kal's taken by surprise.

"How are babies born?" Kiba repeated his question.

"Well, that's..."

"How does Uncle Giant put the baby in? Does he open up your belly button and put it in? How do you know when it wants to be born? How does it come out? The same way it got in? How did you fit in Elly's size anyway? He's so big, almost as big as me! How did..."

Kal was going to have a tough time answering that.


Love of the Damned
Faira's breath laboured as he tried to hold onto the pain inflicted on him. Misha glared at him with a vengeance.

"How do you do it? Is magic? Some sort of mind-controlling power you angels have? What is it?"

"It's...It's none of those...Love doesn't happen that way..."

"I don't believe you!" Misha shouted as she landed another blow onto Faira's flesh with her dagger. "Thilius has always been tight with me! He had always thought of me as his only one! He would never go for pretty asses like you and be all goody-two shoes! Now tell the truth! How did you make Thilius love you?!"

Faira winced as another one hit him. He looked straight into Misha's glowing eyes and whispered ever so softly.

"It's true love we're having, and it's something you of the condemned will never ever understand."



Kiba is Kita's nephew, son of his older brother Kyo, and he's at a stage where kiddies starts asking the Big Question.

Faira was kidnapped one day and tortured by Misha, a she-demon and one of Thilius' many ex-girlfriends, because she was jealous that Thilius loved him rather than love her, and she strongly believed that Faira had put a spell on him and demanded Faira to admit it, which he can't, coz love doesn't happen that way

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