Friday, September 27, 2013

The Crying Traveller: Nakh's Parents' Past

Here, this is where it is explained how Gui ended up with one eye. The guy with the stubble and being called by Druid as Mother is Gulukh. The reason why he has a stubble is because long years of ruling over the troops like an Estopian man sort of made his hormones leaning more towards Estopian instead of Mundockian (remember, Estopians are pure males and Mundockians are hermaphrodite males)

Gulukh, when he knew of his son's love affair with Gui, was very opposed to it, saying that a pure warlord like him should not be associated to a lower-class weapons-maker, let alone a half-breed. But Druid, being headstrong like his father and heads over heels in love with Gui, would not listen to him.

Gulukh knew Gui is a good boy and might be a good 'wife' for Druid because it was about time his son pay attention to things other than war, blood and killing, but his status as a warlord leader who rules with the strictest cruelty forced him to consider the feelings of the troops of letting a half-breed into the family.

Thus Gulukh more or less have no choice but to uphold the sanctity of the clan and play the strict and cruel leader and gouged Gui's blue eye out, leaving him with just his one red eye showing he is still part of the clan.

Gulukh is not cruel because he wants to, really. Deep down inside, he's actually a nice guy. Though, it's still a pity for Druid and Gui, having to go through that just to get approval from everyone

I just felt like drawing how our lovable Nakh and his twin brother Nara was born, so yeah. It was the birth that Gulukh (Druid's 'mother' and Nakh's 'grandmother' ) had ever treated Gui very nicely, even helped deliver the baby.

The reason for the dark last panel of Gulukh being contemplative is because, if you read through my stories in the 100 List Challenge folder, it is tradition in the Red Eyes Giant clan that if a pair of twins is born, once it reaches 12 years old (equivalent of 120 human years), the elder twin must go through the painful ritual of being merged with the soul of the younger twin in order to create a better, stronger warlord, and Gulukh fears for the future of his grandchildren

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