Saturday, September 28, 2013

100 List Challenge

Wohoo~! :boogie: :dance: :dance: :boogie: Finally I have completed my life-long project: My 100 List Challenge! It's finally complete!!! Hah, take that, procrastination!!! *throws brick*

This 100 List Challenge features my two pairs of OC lovers: Nakh'Tushka Hadurakh and Kalana Pureheart from my first yaoi and mpreg fantasy story I drew back in high school entitled "The Crying Traveler"; and Thilius and Faira of a sort of bunch of sketches in a folder entitled "The Love of the Damned".

Each drawing will have a short story under my artist's comment to describe what's going on and why I drew this to represent the list, so don't forget to look it through if you wanna make sense of my drawings

Note: These drawings have been done since year 2007 till 2009, and along the way there have been changes, so if anything looks different in the drawing along the road, it's coz my drawing style has changed since then, but the chars are still the same. So there.

Just thought I'd share

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